Siaptech Pvt Ltd
Winner of India 500 Most Promising IT Company 2021

Siaptech Pvt Ltd
Winner of India 500 Most Promising IT Company 2021

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Siaptech Pvt Ltd
Registration Type
Private Limited Company

Business Category
IT Services & Products
Business Sub Category
Digital Marketing and IT Solutions

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Kurukshetra - 136118



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Siaptech deals in IT Services. They work to grow all the businesses digitally with our digital marketing services. In Digital marketing services we provide SEO, SMO organic promotion and paid promotion to get better result. They work to build website to present your business online. Their dedicated team works on frame work, Do analyses, Help to choose a technology to build and start working. They use Python,Java, Java script, Php., MySQL, Wordpress etc. They work with our dedicated team who works on graphics and contents to show best your business to others. They work in various style with all the technologies or also we work to helps in your business grow with our Research and Development team. Research is main part of our company to give better and according to maturity demand. Their analysis will helps to generate a digital platform profitable for your business.

They deals in Android / iOS app development with new technologies like React Native and use Java or other languages to build it. They have specialized and experienced employees in their company and If they talking about company. It’s not only company we are just like family here. They want to make our family big. Want to connect with us. They are here always to do welcome of yours. Siaptech Private Limited company registered in 2020 and certified with ISO or registered with MCA India. It comes under MSME as well. Company works on many projects currently but it’s distributing bases on work. team works on single project at one time. That’s why they have multiple teams to handle projects. In first week of any project we do research and development of business. After first week our department head do telephonic or online/offline meeting to give a details of research and analysis. When client choose the technology or duration we sent a quotation and after approval starts our work.

Director Details

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Mr. Prabhat
Multiple - Diplomas, Mini-MBA

Authorized Signatory and Director is Prabhat of Siaptech Private Limited. When he is working on his company Siapmart group of Companies. He want IT services to handle my E-Commerce website B2B and B2C. He want website or application for his company. When, he give one proposal to one company. They give me quotation for my website first and he agree with that. Than lot of things comes in front of him. He starts make changes on it. He ask to change the homepage of my website and they do that and many things added just like that those they hide from me and required in every e-commerce website. In last it costs me triple of quotation. Then, He decide to build IT company as I hold Level 4 IT Diploma. He have lot of knowledge about to handle and start hiring more experienced employee who hold 2-12 years of experience in web development 2-6 years of experience in digital marketing and many more according to requirement. Experienced team starts working on different projects and starts to make stepwise system. They try to give all the knowledge to client what necessary to start a project first. He realize salary and things what really expensive and understand things isn’t cheap but people wants that. That’s why many company gives a low quality but showing good in cheap amount. Each and every project grow your business and still finding cheap one your business growing level also cheap in that time digitally because that’s only for showing not for work. They are working in lot of IT services and soon starts providing software on rent or sale. Siaptech company starts to give best and transparent. We always ready to share our knowledge and help as business consultant also to grow the business. Journey starts of Siaptech just like that.

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