Radiant Agritech Ltd.
Winner of India 500 SME Awards 2021

Radiant Agritech Ltd.
Winner of India 500 SME Awards 2021

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Registered Company Name
Radiant Agritech Ltd.
Registration Type
Public Limited Company

Business Category
Agriculture & Farming
Business Sub Category
Scientific Eco-Farming - Agriculture & Agroforestry Sector

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City & PinCode
Chennai - 600035
Tamil Nadu


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Radiant AgriTech Limited is India's First scientific eco-farming 'Public' company to join hands in conserving one of the world's most oldest plant species, by foraying into the potential of US$3.6Billion in the Indian Agro-Forestry commercial.

CEO & MD Details

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Er. Dr. Venkataraman Jeyakumar

Er. Dr. Venkataraman Jeyakumar, a firm yet principled impresario and a beloved leader Venkat embodies the spirit of contemporary, borderless entrepreneurship. He serves as the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Radiant Agritech Limited and their group ventures. Headquartered in India, his group entities are diversified multi-nationally in India, USA, and Singapore with a wide federated operating architecture.

A young Singapore based award-winning third generation entrepreneur, who specialized in engineering management At 18, and ever since has gained horizontal and vertical exposure and expertise in multiple industries like Nano-Technology, Bio-Engineering, Petroleum Contracting, International Trade & Merchandising, Legal & Finance Structuring, International Stocks & Investments, Information Technology Business Management, Integrated Marketing across 9 countries.

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