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Awards Kit And Logo License

10000 + GST

What is an Award Kit & Logo license?

Award kit is a must for getting the India 5000 recognition. Award kit is a set of your achievement assurance. Award kit, has a Stunning Award trophy, a Certificate with the frame and a Logo License.

Why the Award Kit & Logo license?

Award kit with a logo license is the symbol of your India 5000 recognition. Without the award kit and a certificate, you find your company trying to claim that you are India 5000 award winner. Once you receive a logo license then you can use the India 5000 logo for your own India 5000 recognition branding purpose.

While showcasing an award trophy and a certificate with the frame at your premises it will start spreading the sweet smell of success of your achievement and your professional network.

How to proceed to get Award Kit & Logo license?

On successful accomplishment of clearing the audit round you can claim your award kit and a logo license. For that you need to submit required details to confirm how and when you will receive your award kit and a logo license.

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