India 5000 Awards


Any country’s future and economic growth relies on the success of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. Their reinvention, innovation, and quality outputs affect more on the society. Benchmark Trust feels very proud to value their ideas and their potential for the society and therefore, we got inspired to introduce INDIA 5000 Business Awards and from this award, one can distinguish himself/herself from others as a quality output provider.

INDIA 5000 acknowledges the best 5000 young entrepreneurs and MSME companies for their achievements and quality outcomes. When an end user wants to get quality products, services and outcomes from the search-box click, they can use the list of INDIA 5000 Business Awards.

INDIA 5000 is working on the direction where the end user who wants to get quality outcomes as per their requirements, it might be for the management, services or products. The end user can get the list of the best companies from INDIA 5000 which provide the best products, services or management in India. INDIA 5000 Business Awards are given to the people or companies only who fulfill all the criteria set by Benchmark Trust and TQV, their Audit Partner.

Selection Criteria

INDIA 5000 follows these selection criteria to choose companies and personnel for INDIA 5000 Business Awards. Just go through them carefully and you will understand how refined the selection procedure is for INDIA 5000 Business Awards.
  • How much importance you give to your customers and the quality output you offer for the customer’s satisfaction?
  • How you lead your team to achieve your objective with employee’s professional growth?
  • What innovative concepts and benchmarking you have?
  • Do you make continuous improvements and performance evaluation?
  • What is the impact of your outcomes on society?
  • Which process strategies and methodologies you follow?
  • What are the future expansions in line with your Vision and Mission?
  • What are the achievements of your services, products or management if any?

To download detailed category-wise selection parameters, go to the downloads page →


At INDIA 5000 Business Awards, we follow a very easy and straightforward methodology. Let’s take a quick look at it:
  • Application Screening
  • Initially, we invite applications for all our awards categories and all the applications go through the application screening procedure to check the authenticity of applications. All the applications should be submitted in the required format with required documents attached.

  • Document Verification
  • After getting all the applications, we start our verification process where all the submitted applications and documents get verified for the authenticity.

  • Shortlisting Confirmation
  • After the verification process is completed, we shortlist the candidates or companies and send them confirmation about their selection for INDIA 5000 Business Awards.

  • Premises Visit
  • After sending the selection confirmation, our team will visit your premises if required for physical verification and confirmation of the company and its workings.

  • Final Evaluation
  • After document verification and premises visit, your application goes for final evaluation.

  • Selection Committee’s Assessment
  • Selection Committee’s Assessment

  • Winners Get Informed Through Mail
  • The winners get informed through mail with all the further procedures and proceedings.

  • Winners’ List Published
  • After selection of winners, we publish the final list of INDIA 5000 Business Awards winners.

Awards FAQ

Any Sole Proprietorship, Partnership Firm, or Private or Public Limited, LLP, OPC (One Person Company) can apply for the nomination of INDIA 5000 MSME & Business Awards.

An applicant can go with the Individual category registration option if you want to take part as an individual in the INDIA 5000 Business Awards.

If you are eligible to apply can directly fill the application from our website and can be a part of INDIA 5000 Business Awards.

Within 7 working days your application will be verified and if you are qualified then we provide you a Nomination certificate. In case if we have any query, you will receive a call or email from our team to provide supportive basic legal documents. If application is not eligible as per our criteria it may get rejected.

There will be a dedicated award manager assigned. If the applicant completes the payment process in accordance with our fees and charges. We begin with the assessment procedure.

The Award kit and logo license are free for Lifetime. But admin cost and audit assessment charges you have to pay. If the company doesn't get qualified then we will refund you full amount in 7 working days.

An applicant can do Online - Net Banking, Cheque, or Bank transfer. We do not accept Cash payment.

An award manager will call or email regarding documents details and applicant has to share all the documents within a week. All those details and documents will be shared to audit team for assessment purpose.

Here is the list of documents you need to submit along with the application for Business Awards:

  • Udhaym Registration certificate (Mandatory)
  • Business Registration Certificate (Mandatory)
  • Profile of Applicant\Nominee
  • Previous year's Profit / Loss Statement

Here is the list of documents you need to submit along with the application for Individual Awards:

  • Applicant KYC Documents (Pan & Aadhar Card Mandatory)
  • As per your designated all the supportive & legal documents of the company.

Any other important information highlighting your achievement as per our selection criteria according to different categories. (For more details, visit

Yes, from one district only one company with same business category can participate for the year. For e.g. A manufacturer company of kitchen modular from jalna district (Maharashtra) other company with same business category can't be participate from jalna district for the same year.

It's a very obvious question and we understand your concern fully. But don't worry as your information privacy is our key responsibility. Your personal information will never be disclosed anywhere. Your information will be used only for the selection when we will list out your profile information on our listing and if you are awarded, this will help you to promote your quality services or products in market.

We understand that it's a quite obvious question. But don't worry at all as your competitor will never get any personal information about your business. They can see only your profile related general information whatever you are sharing to public to promote your business. So we only list general information for professional growth of your business. We always take care about your professional growth.

A required documents received by award managers and the same will be forwarded to audit team will start the assessment process. Audit team review all the documents as per our selection criteria in assessment round. In case if we have any query or require further information, we'll communicate with you.

If Auditing is completed successfully before 25th date of every month then assessment reports submitted for jury round for that month of Participants.

After the assessment done by audit team, jury members conduct a meeting on a last week of every month to do a final assessment of applicant's details and take a final decision.

If you are thinking about, why should you take part in INDIA 5000 Business Awards as a nomination applicant then just go through the benefits mentioned here:

  • You will get National Level Recognition.
  • You can attract new customers and retain the older ones.
  • You will have increase in sales.
  • Your client will feel worthy to be your existing client.
  • You can increase the customer satisfaction.
  • Your employees or staff will get inspiration from the Awards.
  • You will get industrial empowerment with the help of these Awards.
  • You can differentiate your business from other with these Awards.
  • You can use logo license in your campaign materials.
  • Your audit will be done by the industry experts.
  • You will get reviews and suggestions from our audit team if needed.
  • You can create a buzz in your professional network with our Awards.

The final winner result will get declared between the date of 1 to 10th of every month. The final winner will be notify by an email from our audit team. And all the digital benefits will be provided.

You will get updates about the deadline of submitting the nomination application forms on the INDIA 5000 website.

We appreciate that if want to serve or help others by filling the nomination application on behalf of others. Whatever you are doing is worth doing! Just go ahead but before doing that takes the written approval from one on behalf of whom you are submitting.

The soft copy of Winner Certificate and Trophy, and other digital benefits can be download from the Honoree Resources from our website.

Yes. As many applications received for all the categories so to give correct judgment and scrutinized each and every application, we declared result every month.

We provide award kit at time of our award Conference. In case, if winner unable to attend the ceremony we will dispatch the award kit in approx. 60 days on availability or it may differ after the final winner mail received to the client.

We have tried our best to answer all your questions here still if you have any doubts except these questions, you can always contact us or mail us at [email protected].

About Trophy

A Solid concrete base starts with your Name on the trophy! Nothing is more important except strong concrete base to stand anywhere. This represents Growth, Solid Foundation & Strong Vision to grow.

B You can get your name carved to the strong concrete base as well! This represents your identity, hard work and dedication towards your brand which will make your name worth on the trophy!

C As everybody starts their professional journey from the scratch, the two golden pillars in the trophy represents your growth from the scratch to higher levels.

D These two pillars touching one worthy round which is the topmost part of the trophy and it represents that the individual who has started their journey from the scratch, can also achieve the topmost and valuable position in any professional field.

E Touching the turn represents that achieving this fame will change your path into a smoother one with endless professional growth! It represents a full circle of life, where one has to start and end at some point however, what’s important it the journey!

Logo Usage T&C

For india, when you are purchasing this logo, you agree these terms and conditions that are mentioned in the logo agreement as below:

  • Once you get a logo you can use our logo for your professional growth. We provide you a platform to develop your quality business more and more so, for the same, you are free to use the logo, but there several things that you need to keep in mind whenever and wherever you want to use the logo.

  • You agree not to alter the logo in any way, shape or size ratio and colour. That means you have to follow same extension, graphic for use of the logo. The year in which you get a logo you need to clearly mention the use of your business promotion about in which year you have received this else you can take advantage of this for a lifetime.

  • Use of logo in your website should have redirection link that will redirect users to our website when they click it. Or you can give a link in backend to the transfer user to your article or your profile on our company website.

  • You need to check the proper usage of logo when you are using it whether it is going in ethical way or it may cause harm to its brand value!

India 5000 Business & Individual Nominations Have Started!

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