Sept, 2014

Brain storming work for India 5000 Concept: Beginning of R&D
Once an idea got clicked in the mind of Mr Ketan Vekariya that is to provide recognition to MSME and entrepreneur who are applying for Best MSME or Entrepreneur awards but not getting this title though, they are delivering their best quality outcome but because of terms and conditions of award provider to give awards to counted numbers of nominees. To overcome the above said, he wanted to start new concept, so they started thinking deliberately on this idea, the new concept and started analysis work, hence doing research on concept of India 5000.

Nov, 2014

Domain booking done for India 5000
First step was taken for this concept, registration of concept related to offline and online medium were done, which was, domain booking for India 5000.

Dec, 2014

Business development work analysis, Methodology of India 5000 concept and setting eligibility criteria for nomination.
Brain storming was done here to set milestones via Business development work analysis, Methodology of India 5000 concept and setting eligibility criteria for nomination. After doing in-depth requirement analysis, he set milestone and started analysis of other segment of India 5000 concept.

June, 2015

Web design, Web Content & Development of work analysis
In this phase, he did analysis of web related task. It may be of web design and development, other design related stuff and web content work.

Sep, 2015

Rough Business Plan was developed
After brain storming for all requirement and India 5000 research, he developed rough business plan.

Nov, 2015

Starting Phase of Logo
Journey of logo work started, after doing research and analysis for more than 1 year.

Dec, 2015

First Concept of Logo
After working on several concepts and variations, in December 2015 the logo was finalized.

Jan, 2016

Website Work Started
Website which worked as medium for client communication, prime focus was given for this work. India 5000’s website work was started by Aisomex Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd..

Feb 2016

Web Content work started
Web content writing work was started, as Mr Vekariya wanted to give importance to India 5000’s web content also.

March 2016

Starting of India 5000’s Graphics and Social Media profile
On other side, India 5000 started In-house and Outsource graphics work. With this he started Social Media Marketing related work with the help of his in house content writer.

April 2016

Website related research article and Award trophy design work
Another segment of India 5000 started in April 2016 where Award trophy design as well website related research article work. TQV Certifications service Pvt. Ltd as audit partner of India 5000

May 2016

Started recruitment procedure for India 5000’s BDE team, Story writing completion, Award trophy design and demo trophy procedure was completed
India 5000’s concept phase came where team of BDE were required so one another segment of work was needed to start, that is, recruitment procedure of India 5000 BDE team, next task was completing story writing while the milestones achieved were the completion of trophy design & getting the demo trophy made.

June 2016

Logo work on other concept started, India 5000’s certificate work accomplished, Recruitment procedure application shortlisting done
First segment of India 5000’s concept started in 2015, got updated in June 2016 by a new concept and as per analysis new logo designed for India 5000, as well on other side India 5000 award certificate design work was also done. In the direction of recruitment, candidate selection related shortlisting was done; in which Interview was next phase to hire great talent for India 5000.

December 2016

First India 5000 awards listing
In December 2016, First list of India 5000 title achievers names got displayed on our website. India 5000 courier them award kits. Due to demonetization effects, India 5000 postponed its Award Ceremony of that year. The Award kits were couriered to the respective Award Winners.

August 2017

India 5000 Award ceremony
First ever ceremony held at Rajkot, Platinum Hotel. India 5000 organized award ceremony, recognized Award Winners with award kit presented by our hon'ble guests.

December 2017

India 5000 Award ceremony and India 5000 Conference
India 5000 Award ceremony held at Pramukh Swami Auditorium. Award winners get their honor from our hon'ble guest and also India 5000 conference was introduced for award winners.

India 5000 Business & Individual Nominations Have Started!

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