Brijesh Gohil
Winner of India 500 CEO Awards 2018

Brijesh Gohil
Winner of India 500 CEO Awards 2018

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Brijesh Gohil
I.T.I. Electrician

•I am Mr. Brijesh H.Gohil; one of the partners of Mangal minerals is a manufacturer unit of Lavigation china clay and silica sand at Nadapa. I had completed my Educational Qualification was I.T.I. - electrician in Gandhidham, I am coming from middle class family as my father was working in I.T.I. institute in Gandhidham. Then I started my business in Electrical parts sales shop in madhapar in 1994.then after my hardworking in my shop business.
•I get opportunity to do new business in minerals line with my current partner Mr.Manoj P.Solanki in 2008. At that time we start business of only lavigation china clay plant. We get raw materials from mines and done processed, we got China clay approx 15 % yield and waste silica sand was approx 85 % yield. So these waste silica sand gone for not used and also the main problems of storage area required more land for these waste sand.
•Due to these problems, we had done lot of R&D in waste silica sand to get best silica sand. So we started silica sand plant for that used in construction work, glass industries and foundry industries. Due to these innovation of the silica sand business, local peoples  get employment, transport business and improve economical situation in these area and  etc...   
Working as partner of Mangal minerals from  2009
1. Myself is pleased to introduce  as a partner of MANGAL MINERALS – at Nadapa, Dist. Kutch – Gujarat – India. Mangal Minerals, a Silica Sand & China Clay industrial unit is established Since 2008.but in these time period, a raw materials get from mines, We get only approx 15 % china clay product and rest 85 % is waste silica sand are in more volume .so at that time a waste silica sand's  no use and these waste sand storage require more land area are major issues.
2. I  get  chance to do waste sand to best sand use. I start  the lot of R&D of these waste silica sand use. after hard work in R & D,I  get the use of silica sand in civil construction work  in our company
3. Then further research, we installation import machinery in our plant, after that we produce best glass grade silica sand which used in float glass, automotive glass ,bottle glass and solar glass industries.
4. After that I research and produce a silica sand which used in  foundry industries and resin coated sand industries. Now days we are doing business in all over India of these best silica sand.
5. Due to these success of waste silica sand into best silica sand used in mass volume in glass industries, foundry industries, In our local area of nadapa's (Bhuj-Kutch-Gujarat) economic sitituation done more better then early time. also Local people get the transportations business, employment of local people and PGVCL company get more electricity business and etc......        
6.In kutch region, We are the first industries  of silica sand manufacturing plant start in Nadapa,Bhuj.So I given above justification are  for qualify these awarded of  CEO.


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Mangal Minerals

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