Pranesh Padmanabhan
Winner of India 500 CEO Awards 2019

Pranesh Padmanabhan
Winner of India 500 CEO Awards 2019

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Pranesh Padmanabhan

Pranesh Padmanabhan is the founder and CEO of Studio 31. He is an enthusiastic autodidact who never stops learning and exploring, and says he knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur when he was just 17. From writing codes to mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs, he enjoys making his friends and family happy over anything else. He is most comfortable when he’s working and, feels right at home when he’s talking about new projects to take up on with like-minded friends. His passion for photography has always been rooted within him, so he quit his life as an engineer and decided to embark upon the adventure of pursuing his dreams.

He believed that it takes one idea with a purpose to give you that velocity to steer from a dream into reality. He took that plunge at 17, with a camera in his hand. Film became his medium, and wedding photography its offspring. After three years of experimentation, learning, self development, He started his first company Studio 31 -- which is now one of South India’s biggest wedding photography companies. Eight years, over 4,500 events weddings, an Alpha crew of 40 talented individuals and 3500+ happy families -- all this from absolutely zero capital or investment.

He grew up in Dubai, but moved to Chennai, He studied electronic engineering, and never pursued a job in it; He did an MBA in marketing plus strategic management and then resorted to photography. As part of his job, He meets so many talented and aspiring entrepreneurs. He loves listening to their ideas and witness their passion for entrepreneurship. Often they come up with a ton of questions -- crazy and easy. Through the course of this, He found that He wanted to be a part of their journey, and guide them through this process by providing strategic assistance. That is when he started Evolvonomics Communications Pvt Ltd. Through this medium, He wanted to enable mentoring for new start-ups or new business ideas plan and execute their business setting into something that is much more professional and viable long term.

He has been featured in several reputed publications for implementing the most innovative business solutions, including the prestigious “Emerging Entrepreneur” by the Economic Times, the cover of The Hindu Metro Plus, “PassionToPaycheck” by the New Indian Express, “Social Media - Zero to Hero” award by Nasscom and YourStory among several others.


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Studio 31 | Evolvonomics Communications Pvt Ltd
9 Years

Founder & CEO
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Tamil Nadu

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