Vunet Systems Pvt Ltd
Winner of India 500 Most Promising IT Company 2021

Vunet Systems Pvt Ltd
Winner of India 500 Most Promising IT Company 2021

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Vunet Systems Pvt Ltd
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Private Limited Company

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IT Services Company

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Bengaluru (Bangalore) Urban




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VuNet Systems’ is an AI & Big Data analytics company revolutionizing digital transactions – by providing real-time visibility into business transactions, reducing technical declines to enhance customer experience and real-time metrics for both business and operational teams. VuNet’s AI/ML platform, vuSmartMaps TM helps customers from IT Operations to Business CXOs gain deeper visibility and insights into transaction and system performance. This accelerates root cause analysis, enables more proactive monitoring, increases up time - all driving a superior user experience and business growth. The platform tracks various payment types such as RTP. Remittances, ACH etc. across application & infrastructure within a Bank including merchant/partner/Bank networks to avoid outages and reduces technical failures. Across the various Banks and Payment Gateways, vuSmartMaps TM monitors close to 2.5+ billion transactions worth $ 100+ billion per month including UPI, RTGS, IMPS, RuPay, Internet and Mobile Banking.

The platform is used by our customers to proactively identify technical declines, accelerate root cause analysis, and aids in enhancing your end user experiences, all powered through Machine learning driven KPIs.

A brief on the product’s differentiators: -

• Ingests data from Payment Gateway and other applications in a non-intrusive manner.

• Provides insights into the transaction status including past trends and comparison with historical performance.

• Enriches multisource data to render merchant statistics, geo-level analytics, top failure reasons etc.

• Proactive Alerts based on transaction behavior / partner performance.

The Analytics platform enables the enterprise in: -

• Tracking the business journey / digital workflows end-to-end across the applications / infrastructure to enable faster identification of issues.

• Optimizing their environment through visibility of various transaction hops

• Deeper insights of performance by merchant/partner/API/Bank networks

• Faster resolution of end user issues by Customer Help Desk team through the journey visibility

• Provides insights predicting Reducing technical declines / failures and outages.

Gartner has listed VuNet systems as the only Asian-based OEM in both the “AIOPS Market Guide”, “Demystifying XOps: DataOps, MLOps, ModelOps, AIOps and Platform Ops for AI”.

Today, they are engaged with the largest payment processor in India, one of the largest private banks, one of the largest telco providers and several other mid-sized banks and payment processors, monitoring 2.5+ Billion transactions valued at $100+ Billion per month.

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