Dr. Pareshkumar C. Dave
Winner of India 500 Quality Leaders Awards 2020

Dr. Pareshkumar C. Dave
Winner of India 500 Quality Leaders Awards 2020

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Dr. Pareshkumar C. Dave
Ph. D. in Chemistry

A dynamic professional with over 25 years of experience including 10 years of experience in active research. Dr. Dave is working in the Intellectual Property field since 2006. He has founded intellectual property rights service provider company, IP Moment in 2016. As the MD of the outsourcing and consulting firm, he has drafted over 500+ patent applications across American, Australian, Canadian, and Indian jurisdictions. Dr. Dave is a registered Indian Patent Agent. He is also impaneled as the patent consultant in the Government of India’s StartUP India scheme. Over years, he has worked closely with clients from over the world providing some of the best consultancy prospects.

Dr. Paresh has the vision to bring, “ONE IP MOMENT IN EVERY ONE’s LIFE”. To turn his vision into reality, Dr. Pareshkumar C. Dave has established IPR-For-Society in 2016. IPR-For-Society is a non-profitable organization for spreading IPR awareness in society.

Dr. Dave has been a dynamic orator delivering over 50 live webinars in a span of six months in association with various non-profit organizations. Dr. Pareshkumar C. Dave has garnered over 10000+ participants who have actively taken part in the webinars and courses alongside drafting patent and trademark applications. Dr. Dave has trained hundreds of people on intellectual property rights. He has helped different organizations to create awareness of intellectual property rights among the general public. Dr. Paresh has also published two books on Intellectual Property Rights or IPR have helped in the integration of its importance in society.


Company Name
IP Moment Services
25 Years

Founder & MD
Field of Specialization

47 Years

South West Delhi
New Delhi



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