Hemavathi Gajendran
Winner of India 5000 Women Achiever Awards 2021

Hemavathi Gajendran
Winner of India 5000 Women Achiever Awards 2021

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Hemavathi Gajendran

Ms. Hemavathi, an entrepreneur.  Co-Founder – Director at Rhem RealTech (P) Ltd and Co-Founder- Creative Director (CBO) at RhemTech. RhemTech is a technology platform, which offers a digital journey to real estate agents. They are on a mission to create revolutionary change in the real estate sector by building an innovative technology system that empowers Agents. She hold a Master’s Degree in Finance & Management from Annamalai University. With her 10years of work experience, she strive to create unique solutions that solve digital marketing needs. she continue to build on that knowledge set and assist in design and development work. She dedicated to growing her knowledge base and learning new skills whenever possible. There is always a stigma attached when you’re from a middle-class family. One should focus only on finding a regular job and work for someone else’s dream. And, if you’re a woman and want to start your own company, there always tons of rejections from family and friends. But, she was lucky enough to have a mentor, Mr. Richard to support and guide her in every walks of the business. Without him, she wouldn’t have been where she is today. If you want to really face your fear and work with determination, your hard work will be paid off one day.  she is also honored by the Indian Achiever’s Award as a “Young Entrepreneur 2021”.


Company Name
Rhem RealTech Pvt Ltd
10 years

Co- Founder
Field of Specialization


Bengaluru (Bangalore) Urban


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