Clean India Ventures Pvt Ltd
Winner of India 500 Startup Awards 2019

Clean India Ventures Pvt Ltd
Winner of India 500 Startup Awards 2019

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Registered Company Name
Clean India Ventures Pvt Ltd
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Private Limited Company

Business Category
Waste Management, Organic Waste to Compost Machine Manufacturer

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Central Delhi



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Clean India Ventures Private Limited is an endeavour to bring a paradigm shift in how they treat their surroundings and wastes. The company is up in arms against the impending problem of garbage. Its revolutionary and awarded product Green Waste Reprocessor has been aptly designed to recycle and reduce the organic waste to the minimum. Its path-breaking technology upcycles most of their organic waste like Garden Waste, Mandir Waste, Kitchen Waste and Mandi Waste in to Organic Compost and Liquid Fuel. Available in different capacities, to meet various requirements, this machine is successfully operating at various locations in Delhi-NCR.

Its product, very rightly named as Earth Life, is a hit with people who are really conscious about their duties towards the environment. Earth Life, a boon for kitchen gardens, lawns, etc is rightly available on all e-commerce websites for the convenience of the buyers.

CEO Details

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Abishek Gupta

Abhishek Gupta belongs to the Gen-Y and is known for handling multiple tasks proficiently. A Graduate from one of the top universities in Netherlands, Abhishek has kept him in the good stead for his active involvement in the business sphere. In the era of Digital Media, he keeps abreast of the latest technologies and upcoming trends. He is credited for his pivotal role in the launch of the new vertical Clean India Ventures and also the formation of exclusive Digital Media wing in Graphisads. A keen learner, he has been a part of various forums during his studies like Active Membership in Student Body, and Organizing Committee Member for Industrial Visits. His leadership skills came to the fore in these activities.

He is quite active in the Digital Media through Blogging and Social Media.

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