Koala Learning Pvt Ltd
Winner of India 500 Startup Awards 2019

Koala Learning Pvt Ltd
Winner of India 500 Startup Awards 2019

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Koala Learning Pvt Ltd
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Private Limited Company

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Preschool Education

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Koala is the brainchild of four visionary entrepreneurs, who like to be identified as academicians first. With years of experience in the field of education and business, the people behind Koala have come to believe that children are innately curious beings, and all that a preschool needs to do is provide them with a suitable environment and the best infrastructure to drive their natural curiosity to learn. Koala as an institution, also espouses the philosophy of evolving with time in-order to effectuate one of their primary goals - to shape global citizens who take immense pride in our culture and heritage.

At Koala, they aim at equipping their kids with tools that will not only help them navigate the world easily, but do it as human beings with great values. To them, that’s the true purpose of education. Dr. Anabel Jensen, one of the founders and a senior advisor at Koala preschools is a pioneer in the field of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), or as she calls it, “the yoga for the mind”. She believes that a strong EQ would always result in a strong IQ. That’s why at Koala, emotional intelligence is at the core of their philosophy. They nurture and create self-reliant and life-long learners, who are ready to face any challenge life throws at them.

Koala is a rapidly growing institution with 4 schools spread across 4 cities. They are planning to spread their wings out across 6 cities. Their vision is big and they have only realized a part of it right now.

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Sumeet Agarwal
Bachelor's Degree - IIT Roorkee (Electronics & Communication), MBA (Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey, USA)


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