Radiant Agritech Ltd
Winner of India 500 Startup Awards 2019

Radiant Agritech Ltd
Winner of India 500 Startup Awards 2019

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Radiant Agritech Ltd
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Public Limited Company

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Agriculture & Agroforestry – Sales & Research Development

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Tamil Nadu



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Radiant AgriTech Limited is India’s First scientific eco-farming 'Public' company to join hands in conserving one of the world’s most-oldest plant species. They are regenerating one of the most demanded & endangered forest species, 'pterocarpus santalinus' in South India and have also established the largest Red Sanders plantation as an Agro-Forestry concept in the world.

Incepted with a project name ‘NANOSpell’ by IIT-M, Nottingham University and Anna University empowered alumni’s during their research studies back in 2012. Later to exemplify the youth frat’s vision, the team flowed the project as an organization in India to first start its NanoTech based afforestation project with well-known like-minded associated, philanthropists and entrepreneurs on May 2018.

On October 10, 2018, they declared an universal dedicating to trees called ‘World TreEvolution Day’ and since then every coming year the firm has been celebrating the same in a big way to promote awareness on planting trees.

Radiant Agritech Limited (RATL) is the very first Agroforestry company in India that join hands with STOCK HOLDING CORPORATION OF INDIA LIMITED(SHCIL), to officially demat its stocks and shares. Along with portfolio management, SHCIL will be supporting RATL for all its IPO related proceeds.

RATL is also one of India’s very first Agroforestry company to obtain ‘INTERNATIONAL SECURITIES IDENTIFICATION NUMBER’ from India’s Premium Depository Custodian, ‘National Securities Depositories Limited (NSDL)’. RATL ISIN: INE036501018

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Venkataraman Jeyakumar
PhD in Nano Studies.

Venkataraman Jeyakumar, popularly known as Venkat Acharya is the son of Industrialist Dr JEYAKUMAR R (JKAY), and is a Singapore based award winning entrepreneur, who specialized in engineering At 18, and ever since has gained horizontal and vertical exposure and expertise in multiple industries like Nano-Technology, Bio-Engineering, Petrochemicals, Textile Science, International Affairs, Financial Planning, IT Business Management, integrated marketing across India, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and the South East and West Asia.

Having strong expertise in business in business and operations management, multi-projects management, overseeing the financial structure of the division, technology management, legal issues, mergers and acquisitions.

Technically a NanoTechnologist who has research holdings in various sustainable living solutions.

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