Ritzy Schools Pvt Ltd
Winner of India 500 Startup Awards 2019

Ritzy Schools Pvt Ltd
Winner of India 500 Startup Awards 2019

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Ritzy Schools Pvt Ltd
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Private Limited Company

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RITZY SCHOOLS is more than a school with an international reach. It’s the very essence of what they do. Their philosophy, their people, their commitment and their resources are all focused on helping them to give the children an excellent start in life, exposing them to the best of both oriental and occidental ethos. They hope that 2019 will make their dream come true to reach out to all those who think like them, have a desire to grow with them and cherish the pride of being partners with an Italian Kindergarten. They have a successful business and education model. Their Research and Development (R&D) Team has been working on this project relentlessly since two decades to create teaching techniques that would benefit both children and teachers. The products that they have engineered are known for quality, proficiency, excellence and pride in the field of Early Childhood Education and Care.

RITZY SCHOOLS is the First Preschool in the world to have implemented Neuro Linguistic Programming to Preschool sector. It has its own time tested teaching tool, “Decant” and its assessment system, “Milestones” to assess a wide range of developmental areas in young children and guide decisive intervention. Their CURRICULUM is their backbone and they want to shape the future of millions of children in Himachal Pradesh by giving them one unique standard CURRICULUM set by European Union for its Member Nations in 2008 after a detailed investigation and examination of the curriculum of 10 countries: France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, UK and Austria. They have their own characters like those of Walt Disney’s Tom & Jerry; their Mascot Mr. Ritzy and their own books and worksheets where illustrations are hand drawn and crayon coloured. They provide lesson plans on a daily basis. They have RITZY Digital Curriculum for children to learn through videos and music. For parents they have a RITZY App via which they can have access to all that has been done in the class during the week and then follow it up at home. They are the only Preschool to introduce Robotics and Artificial Intelligence for children aged 2 years. By the time child passes out from their Preschool, he/she would have already participated in Robotics Olympiad, in Cambridge Young Learners Exams and would have completely developed gross motor skills, fine motor skills and cognitive skills. They want to streamline the future of as many children as possible with their MODEL as they believe “The value of an idea lies in the using of it.”

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Maddula Nagabhushan Rao Gupta
M.Tech, MBA

Mr. M.N.R. Gupta (M.Tech, MBA) is a young distinguished NRI, Infrastructure Management expert of international repute with outstanding contribution in the fields of infrastructure Development, Project Management and Transportation sector. He is the First Indian National to be involved in Management of 26B USD Sohar Port freezone and 20B USD Salalah Port and steer them towards successful completion.

A Global Infrastructure Management Expert with 2 decades of extensive international experience in handling the most prestigious and challenging infrastructure projects successfully with world class standards that includes 150 million USD project for development of infrastructure of Sohar Port, Salalah Port. Sohar Port is world's fastest growing port in collaboration with port of rotterdam. he had represented Government for Technical coordination meeting between Oman - Saudi Arabia Highway Project.

He is honoured with Distinguished young alumni professional Achievement Award for the year 2015 from NIT Warangal out of 30k alumni working outside India for outstanding achievements and his dedication in giving back to college in terms of Knowledge and technical guidance. The concepts developed by him were also taken as part of M Tech Transportation syllabus of NIT Warangal. He is Distinguished young achiever & recipient of many prestigious international award has large numberr of NRIs and Indians who look forward to his as role model and mentor across the world.

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