Apex Insurance Consultant Ltd
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2019

Apex Insurance Consultant Ltd
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2019

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Apex Insurance Consultant Ltd
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Public Limited Company

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Insurance Consultant

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New Delhi
New Delhi



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Apex Insurance Consultant Limited is a company formed under Indian Companies Act 1956 as a Limited Company. The company is proud to be backed by the professionals having strong financial hold. The exclusive feature of the company is that this is the only company in India, which has been formed as a complete risk Management Company for medical practitioners. With its trained technical professionals, company had analyzed the details of services required on every step of professional practice of a doctor and has also prepared itself to meet the future challenges in form of different medico-legal problems and litigations. While going through the incorporation of this company each and every aspect of the problems, suffering and available protections for a medical practitioner has been scrutinized so that a best service platform can be created. The company at present is armed with highly experienced professionals from different fields of service industry and from insurance field in particular.

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An audio-visual professional,destined to be in a different world.Sanjay Mishra,after a brief stint with an advertising firm,found his mind and passion in creating some meaningful opportunity for himself and for everyone who has enough compelling reasons to work hard,and courage to live their passion.The opportunity to start and work for 'APEX' was based on an extensive research of 'Risk Management Scenario' in India.However,this concept in the late nineties was very confusive and nascent.But he enjoyed the each single thought of making this concept work.This thought and the backing by his business partner liberated him and they decided not to analyze the consequences any longer.It has been 14 years,since then,the work has never been stopped even for a while.There has been problems but he accepts it with dignity and then resolves it.His most passionate effort till date ,remains in helping people who has been unfortunate towards making a good academic career.Yet those who want to reinvent themselves,Apex stands to be the only company in the world,which has helped many underprivileged in broadening their world with new and powerful ideas on being constructive happy and making a positive difference to their life,family and society.He believes in the complete focus on what he does.He believes in going to his people and clients with conviction in his product and his intentions of delivering complete honesty.He is a life and god loving person and is based in 'Mumbai' which he terms as "City Of Life".

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