Winner of India 500 Best Brand Awards 2020

Winner of India 500 Best Brand Awards 2020

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Brand Name
Registered Company Name
SMS Multitech India Pvt Ltd

Business Category
Health Products, Drug and Medicine
Business Sub Category
Gas Importing, Manufacturing and Distributing company

Establishment Year

Number Of Employee
South Delhi

City & PinCode
Delhi - 110020


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With Oxygize, you don’t have to worry about the dangerous and dirty air around you that is a strong mix of weather conditions, urban emissions and rural smoke. tHEIR innovative oxygen supplement products come in different flavours and are filled with benefits for your mind, body and health.

Established in 1996, they are a premium gas importing, manufacturing and distributing company. They deal in pure and rare gases, calibration gas standards, specialty gases, hydrocarbons, bulk cryogenic liquids, gas cylinders, gas regulators and gas handling equipment that are sourced from renowned companies worldwide. Over the years, they have evolved to become the leading company in the gas industry; owing to their experience and their ambition to become better.

In 2017, they introduced one of its kind oxygen canisters under their brand name ‘Oxygize’ for supplementing oxygen to every household. These oxygen canisters come in various flavours which make the entire experience of using them a delight. With their flavoured oxygen canisters, they aim to provide their customers an exceptional spa like experience at home.

Some of their different flavours include Oxygize Citrus Burst, Oxygize Peppermint and Oxygize Stress that provide benefits of oxygen therapy and aromatherapy, in a handy and portable way.

In 2018, They have introduced a range of bluetooth enabled Oximeters ranging in different colours and sizes. They are delighted to share that they are the first company to introduce bluetooth connected and well-designed oximeters in India.

They plan to provide a unique collection of oxygen products that are impossible to find anywhereelse! They not only bring you the best quality products but represent excellent value for your money through their online stores.

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