eMentalist Outsourcing Services Pvt Ltd
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2020

eMentalist Outsourcing Services Pvt Ltd
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2020

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eMentalist Outsourcing Services Pvt Ltd
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Private Limited Company

Business Category
IT Services Company
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BPO and RPO across the United Kingdom.

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Ahmedabad - 380015


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eMentalist is the realization of the entrepreneurial dream of Mr. Dharmendra Tirdia Founded in 2016, eMentalist, today, is 30+ and growing strong team, with an interesting amalgamation of skills and experience. They are a privately held firm with a unique advantage - at the helm of their ship is an industry stalwart, Dharmendra, who is passionate about customer experience and has behind him a progressive track record as a leader of achieving exceptional results while he was employed with a MNC.

eMentalist is all about people, a co-working space where each team member is imbibed with the spirit to challenge the status quo in the domain of offshore outsourcing in order to deliver nothing but the best for the clients whom they serve. They shape -shift their strategies for their clients to suit their business needs. This is what makes eMentalist the new age outsourcing service provider that’s driven by the innate eMentalist – Reputation is more important than revenue and people are more important than profit.

They bank on the philosophy that – Only when the client grows, eMentalist grows.

They understand that when you choose them as your outsourcing partner over their competition, they inherit the responsibility of your reputation in the market place. They resonate with the fact that office infrastructure is a depreciating liability. They execute their responsibility and fulfill them with the focus on the real asset of the company i.e. people.

By outsourcing part or whole of your processes with them, you cut down on your payroll expense by at least 50% and save another 25% on OPEX month-on-month giving you the needed edge to sustain and grow in today’s cut throat competition.

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Mr. Dharmendra Tirdia
Graduation (B. Sc)

A voracious reader, an ardent dog lover, a full-time entrepreneur, a man with a mission – eMentalist’s Founding Director Mr. Dharmendra Tirdia dons many caps. With 19+ years of precipitated professional experience, there is hardly any Operational situation that Dharmendra can’t bring a solution to.

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