Export Packaging Solution
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2020

Export Packaging Solution
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2020

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Export Packaging Solution
Registration Type
Sole Proprietorship

Business Category
Packaging Machines & Goods
Business Sub Category
Industrial Packaging

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Mumbai City

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Mumbai - 400101



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Export Packaging Solution is a new age organization backed by an entrepreneur both by heart and mind – Mr.Raj Gattani – Who is not only passionate about whatsoever he does but also committed and dedicated to deliver beyond expectations, for 100% customer satisfaction every time.

He is a firm believer of TEAM WORK to create new synergies and energies that help any individual to outperform beyond his individual capacity. Such friendly approach and equations so formed are difficult to find today’s highly competitive scenario.

Such a rare to find attitude of taking and keeping PEOPLE together comes handy for Mr.Raj Gattani due to his BUSINESS FAMILY background – Where the fundamental belief of ‘UNITY is STRENGTH’ is not only said but lived day in day out.

And, add to this his QUICK business ACUMEN that not only helps him keep learning and growing but also help people around him to make their lives better and better day by day…

With more than 15 years in PRACTICAL business life he has not only being successful and happy but also made proud with a sense of achievement for all the people near and connected to him in the process.

Within a short span of only 5.0 years in Industrial Export and/or Transport Packaging Industry he has created and sustained successful case studies in very challenging and competitive industry segments like: Paints & Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Metallurgical (STEEL, COPPER & ALUMINIUM), Lubricants, Food & Beverages, Cable Inc., Logistics Inc., to name a few …

Well to sort of conclude the best-way to go ahead and have such unique experience is to call, meet, discuss and practically work with Export Packaging Solution. And, leave your in-transit damages and/or cargo-securing problems to us. As what seems very complex to most of us is simplified and solved for lifetime with an expert and experienced team of people from Export Packaging Solution and their technology partners / associates.

Director Details

Mr. Rajesh R. Gattani
B. Com


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