Lotus Polymers Industries
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2020

Lotus Polymers Industries
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2020

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Registered Company Name
Lotus Polymers Industries
Registration Type
Sole Proprietorship

Business Category
Packaging Machines & Goods
Business Sub Category
Packaging Solutions

Establishment Year

Number Of Employee
Bengaluru (Bangalore) Urban

City & PinCode
Bangalore - 560099



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Lotus Polymers Industries is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Company. They are the manufacturers of PP/PE/LDP/LLDPE/HD Rolls and Films. They follow state-of-art manufacturing practices that assure consistent high quality results. They have instituted world-class facilities to monitor and maintain strict quality of their products, processes, and services. They are a pollution free green industry, which has been further certified by the Karnataka Pollution Board with a “No Objection Certificate”. They prohibit child labor within their factory premises. At Lotus Polymers Industries, their approach to business is derived from their core values that are integral to their work culture that guide their business strategy.
They strive to serve customers with best of their abilities on Business & Personal Grounds giving each and every customer personalized solutions to their application needs; ensuring high quality products at competitive prices. They have 100% Referenceable Clients! This is the biggest testimony of their Client Servicing.

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Mr. Lalit Kumar Bhotika
B.Com., LLB

Sri Lalit Kumar Bhotika is an industrialist and an enterpreneur. He got into the manufacturing industry 35 years ago and has worked his way up the management by learning the ropes of on- floor production, purchase management, managing ISO audit, building consumer relationships and owning the profit and loss targets. In the initial year of the business commenced the turnover was Rs .36 Lakhs. and the turnover for the year ended 31.03.2019 is Rs. 4199.62 Lakhs Today he is the proprietor of the company, Lotus Polymers Industries. His primary focus is on delivering highest quality packaging solutions to large scale enterprises and collaborating to create sustainable business models. Mr.Lalit also dabbles in the real estate business and is currently in the midst of constructing and launching the next big co-working space in Bengaluru. Being a fitness enthusiast, he believes that disciplined conditioning of mind and body has helped him improve focus and perseverance at work. He is completely off social media as he thinks that’s a noise they can all definitely live without. This has helped him be more mindful towards conversations he has with people. Of course his love for food and travel is something that feeds his soul.

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