Medi Biotek India Pvt Ltd
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2020

Medi Biotek India Pvt Ltd
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2020

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Medi Biotek India Pvt Ltd
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Private Limited Company

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Health Products, Drug and Medicine
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Chennai - 600007
Tamil Nadu



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Medibiotek is a startup company based at Chennai, India. Their aim is to provide High Quality Oncology Drugs at reasonable prices for customers all over the world. Many of the products that we sell, cater to the orphan drug classification where the total patient count is lower compared to patients with more common types of cancers.

The promoters of Medibiotek are second generation pharma entrepreneurs who understand the needs and markets of developing countries like ours and how Large Pharma creates voids and imbalances in developing countries. Many life saving products are outrageously priced with disregard to purchasing power of the local population. Their goal will always be towards patient empowerment by providing quality products at affordable prices.

Director Details

Jayanthilal Jain


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