Chahat Agarwal
Winner of India 5000 Women Achiever Awards 2020

Chahat Agarwal
Winner of India 5000 Women Achiever Awards 2020

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Chahat Agarwal

Chahat Aggarwal is the Founder and CEO of Impact Study Biz. Impact Study Biz is an indigenous amalgamation of Business and Brand Strategy. She helps organizations build and grow their business through leading expert and research backed strategies, which help them unlock their true potential. According to Chahat, ‘Perseverance is the path for accomplishing joy and success’. Her positivity and “can do attitude”, helps her tread to some of the most complex projects and endeavours.

Chahat Aggarwal is an Author, speaker and global Brand Strategist. She was awarded Business Woman of the year 2020, a rising womenpreneur, is a founder and CEO of Impact Study Biz; Growth Advisor and strategic partner for a design company Rebell Studio, POLAND; as well as a co-founder and Chief strategy officer of an AI tech company Citrus berry, MUMBAI; Mental Health awareness author for Thrive Global, USA.

Chahat is someone whose wide array of experiences in a variety of fields fuels her quest for the best. She has held the titles of writer, film director, trainer, designer, management consultant, branding expert, marketer and strategist. Her experience teamed with understanding with a firm foundation on fair play and equal opportunities paves way for a work culture that is a blend of uniqueness and determination to achieve more.

As soon as she completed her Strategic Negotiation Certification from Yale University, she got the opportunity to become part of India’s biggest hospitality startup, named as ‘OYO’. Within a time-span of 2 years, she played a crucial role in the brand’s revenue from $250 mil to $10 bil. By deeply understanding and balancing the need of customers and the services offered by the brand, she sets a realistic approach which helps in governing the desired results. She has the ability to successfully acknowledge and optimize brands in terms of creating and generating revenue. She believes and helps brands turn their business into money-making assets. She bases her strategic plans on in-depth research to ensure the best impact driven results for every brand, no matter the industry, product or service. She recently completed the 10,000 Women Entrepreneur program from Goldman Sachs, because she believes life is about continuous learning and becoming better. Being someone who has established a position for herself despite the challenges, Chahat is a perfect example for success that follows when determination and inspiration fuels passion. And to women, who aspire on creating their own stories of success, she implores them to break out of the confines of norms and to always move forward with a reflective ' why' which can simultaneously answer and question every single query and make way for more opportunities.


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Impact Study Biz

Founder & CEO
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South West Delhi


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