Vidya Joshi
Winner of India 5000 Women Achiever Awards 2020

Vidya Joshi
Winner of India 5000 Women Achiever Awards 2020

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Vidya Joshi

Millets Treat Health Foods (MTHF) is the concept of Vidya Joshi who wants to offer healthy food to her family and entire nation. She is a serial entrepreneur and always wanted to contribute to the family and society. She observed that, people tend to eat junk food for two simplest reasons apart from taste – availability and variety. She was giving a serious thought on making a healthy food for all and she could figure out only one option- millets. Everyone is aware of benefits of millets but when it comes to switching on them for routine food, options are either limited, or costly or not easily available. This situation gave her the idea to provide a healthy and nutritional food to all age groups which will have a variety, availability, affordability and of course nutritional values. She consulted experts in the field, did trials and pilot, gathered a team and finally a venture named “Millets Treat Health Food” have taken a shape. Motto of this venture is Goodness of nutrition, benefits of tradition!! Millets Treat Health Foods is backed by a team of nutritionist, dietitian, food technologists and an Ayurveda practitioner.

Millets treat Health Foods is epitomized by the idea of giving gluten free as well as low GI food choices to all age groups. They are not intending to replace or change the diet but they will make best efforts to reintroduce the millets in many acceptable forms apart from traditional “Roti” in breakfast / lunch / tea/dinner options. Many studied showed that the gluten is contributing to obesity along with other factors through gluten sensitivity and also effects on the absorption and metabolism of micro nutrients which give rise to food carving. So, Millets Treat Health Foods will provide a healthy option to all such populations. They want to offer health with taste and guilt free consumption of their favorite food. The brand "NutriMillets®" is built with a range of ready to eat and ready to cook products. All products are granular in nature which are good for oral hygiene and gut No similar products are available in the market. This award not only boost her morale but also will give new hope to upcoming businesswomen from tier 2 and tier 3 cities.


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Millets Treat Health Foods
7 years

Founder & CEO
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