Doggie Dog
Winner of India 500 Best Brand Awards 2022

Doggie Dog
Winner of India 500 Best Brand Awards 2022

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Brand Name
Doggie Dog
Registered Company Name
Salesgods Pvt. Ltd.

Business Category
Sports Goods, Toys & Games
Business Sub Category
Pet Toys, Accessories, Grooming & Nutrition.

Establishment Year

Number Of Employee
Bengaluru (Bangalore) Urban

City & PinCode
Bengaluru - 562125


Client Pic

Doggie Dog is a brand of Salesgods Pvt. Ltd. They are home grow “made in India” boutique Brand. Focused on being among the top brands in Pet supply India in coming 2 years.

They currently operate in Dog toys ad chews category. Expanding in Grooming and nutrition products next quarter.

Their dog toys series is a hit and among amazon best seller today. It is also top 90 in most purchased product in pets on Amazon. They offer 15 different types on variants in the market. Being the highest in this category.

They hope to create amazing products that people will like as they enter new category and build a name brand in India very soon.

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