Licel Lice Killer
Winner of India 500 Best Brand Awards 2022

Licel Lice Killer
Winner of India 500 Best Brand Awards 2022

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Brand Name
Licel Lice Killer
Registered Company Name
Sujanil Chemo Industries

Business Category
Cosmetics & Personal Care
Business Sub Category
Manufacturers of Heath and Hygiene products

Establishment Year

Number Of Employee

City & PinCode
Pune - 422037



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Sujanil is a leading manufacturer of various Household Insecticides and various public health products such as Mosquito Control, Lice treatment, Sanitisers, Hand Wash, FMCG Skin care and Hair care, Agrochemicals Pesticides. Established in 1966, the fast growing and dynamic Company which has ISO, GMP, Organic Certified and USFDA approved facilities, offers a comprehensive range of innovative products known for their quality, competitive price, and sustainable technology.

Sujanil's, A legacy which firmly believe that customer trust comes from excellent quality and consistent performance. They aim to deliver product solutions and services that anticipate customer need and exceed it with guaranteed and enduring results.

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