Mr. Neeraj Kumar
Winner of India 500 CEO Awards 2022

Mr. Neeraj Kumar
Winner of India 500 CEO Awards 2022

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Mr. Neeraj Kumar
Ph.D (CSE), MCA, BA (Mathematics)

Mr. Neeraj Kumar birth a Nearby village of Kurukshetra name Amin in 13 December 1984. He completed his schooling from Kurukshetra city school name Jain school and Gita Boys school after that get admission in B.A. Mathematics in Kurukshetra university after completion of BA , start Journay of master degree in MCA (Master in computer Application) completed in 2008.

Due to so much recession at that time not getting god job start practice as programmer in a company without salary, after 1.5 year start job in MM University in end year of 2009, in between he completed Ph.D. in Computer Science. then after some time leave job in November 2013, GO to UAE to search job but not find there anything. Then start a small job at 8000 Rs per month in 2015, A little cute girl come in his life name Kanishka and she is a gift of GOD because she birth before 3 months at real time, that is a magic she alive and after spend 3 month in ICU she come home, Financial situation is very poor at that time.

At last, start a new startup and laid the foundations in 2017 name Iteshub Technologies Private limited and start working as a CEO and Co founder , At that time there is only Rs 2000 in pocket. And days passes he make confident in market that they provide best service also after any development from them, if ask his inspiration then that is his daughter , she always pray to god that kindly give so much strength to my father then she purchase so many toys for me and also pay for my studies in good schools actually she want to make like kalpana chawala , now present she is 7 year old , now i have so many clients in many states of india and also from 5 country around the world. He always say he learn lots of thing like dedication for work and also put them in their life from NIC DIO Mr Vinod Singla, Mr Tersem Garg who is chairman of MM University.


Company Name
Iteshub Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
14 Years

Field of Specialization
Management, Computer Science, Designing, Development.





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