Mr. Anand Sathyanarayana
Winner of India 500 CEO Awards 2022

Mr. Anand Sathyanarayana
Winner of India 500 CEO Awards 2022

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Mr. Anand Sathyanarayana

Mr. Anand Sathyanarayana, known to the water industry in India as Sathya, is the owner and CEO of Geofluid Processors Private Limited. Prior to conceptualizing and forming his own organization in 2002, Sathya worked at Ion Exchange and Headed their Filtration Product division.

Born on 30th May 1969, Sathya hails from Kerala and moved to Mumbai after his bachelor’s degree to pursue a master’s in business administration. Sathya is an expert in filtration and separation and is known to the business associates for his passion for the field of water and wastewater management. The name ‘Geofluid’ was coined by him to represent Earth (Geo) and the fluids from Earth that can be useful to human beings and the environment through the process of filtration, separation, purification, disinfection, and pumping. Sathya’s moto is to ‘Evolve Solid Solutions’ to the water and wastewater industry.

Sathya’s mantra is ‘leaders create leaders’ and true to this he has been responsible for creating and guiding hundreds of people to be leaders in the field of water and wastewater in the technical and sales domain. Sathya is passionate about his organization and the employees, and they are his ‘Geofluid Family’. The designation of every employee in their company identification tag for Geofluid reads ‘Decision Maker’, this includes that of cleaners to strategic unit heads. Sathya is an all-rounder and has his eyes and hands in all aspects of his organization and he is an all weather person and does not mind getting his sleeve dirty.

His expertise, knowledge, skills, together with being a people person and humility has taken him to be a leader in the field of water and wastewater management. He provided leadership to grow Geofluid from its beginning to being the leading organization in the industry. His company represents the technology of thirteen international leaders in the field and is the one-stop-shop for water and wastewater solutions. His vision is for Geofluid to be a world leader in water and wastewater management. At the recent 20th anniversary of Geofluid, Sathya took a step forward in proving safe drinking water to everyone through “We Care” the social responsibility program. Whatever your problem, be it personal or professional, Sathya always has time and solutions for everyone.


Company Name
Geofluid Processors Pvt. Ltd.
25 Years

Field of Specialization
Water and wastewater management- Filtration & Separation


Mumbai City



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