Carney Technologies Services
Winner of India 500 Most Promising IT Company 2022

Carney Technologies Services
Winner of India 500 Most Promising IT Company 2022

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Carney Technologies Services
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IT Services & Products
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SEO Services, Web Development, Content creation, Digital PR

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Kolkata - 700017
West Bengal



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Carney Technologies Services is a full stack digital marketing agency having more than 12+ years of experience serving the client across the globe. Carney Technologies Services helps you connect your brand with people, by providing end to end digital marketing solutions through optimized content and search engine optimization. They specialize at content creation, Google AdWords, search engine marketing, website designing and development, Facebook marketing, YouTube Marketing. With a team of highly inspired and intuitive people who are always on the toes to inculcate the new age strategies of internet marketing, Excelling in cutting edge digital marketing campaigns, they focus on their client’s goal and work collaboratively to help earn maximum ROI.

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Mr. Md Israr Alam

Md Israr Alam believes in action over words. He is the founder and CEO of Carney Technologies Service, Kolkata, which has been declared as Asia’s Most Trusted Digital Marketing Agency in December 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand by International Brand Consulting Corporation, USA. With a humble beginning, he has proudly achieved many milestones with hard work and persistence. With a degree in Master in Computer Application (MCA) & Master in Business Administration (MBA), he stepped into his daring entrepreneur debut in 2009 along with his co-founders, Sarah and Manish. Braving the challenges with an eye for the success he made Digital Marketing his forte and mastered the art of SEO, Social Media Marketing, Web Designing, Content Writing, and Google PPC Campaign. Not just in production but devoting a separate unit to teaching the art of digital marketing through Carney Consultancy Services.

Israr addressed the growing demands of the industry through knowledge building and skill development. A strong believer in the blessings of almighty, he believes in helping humanity. Helping the downtrodden in the difficult times of the COVID Pandemic he also stood by those in the Amphan storm mascara left homeless. Humble, kind and a believer in good for others Israr has supported many businesses in their difficult times and helped them reach a point of success through his ingenious business initiatives. He is an entrepreneur who believes in going ahead with his team of employees and clients. “Life is not a path to be covered alone, success comes to them who believe if making a difference to the larger society,” he says. May his dreams touch many other entrepreneurs who dream to make a difference!

Co-Founder & COO Details

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Sarah Israr

As a passionate professional in the field of digital marketing for more than 14 years, she believe in working her way up the corporate ladder with control, smart work, and dedication. As a Co-Founder and COO of Carney Technologies Service, her work is to handle international and national clients of fast-growing business sectors. Her focus is to stay connected with some giant networks in the digital marketing industry. She is responsible to look into the staffing programs that can attract the highest caliber talents to fulfill the needs of their global clients.
Her role involves collaboration with CEO and CTO to head the operations and create financial projections. Analyzing the existing projects and policies are some of my strongest suits. My 14+ years in the management industry helps her to train service employees with the latest leadership and technical skills.
Her experience in this service industry allows her to create budgets and resource allocation for their clients alongside their team of professionals and senior management team. She endures all activities related to the company that aligns the clients with their company’s core culture and values. They provide services to their clients based on their 13 years of expertise by an experienced professional in the field. She is passionate about what she do because work is the driving force in her life.

Co-Founder & CTO Details

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Mr. Manish Kumar

Mr. Manish Kumar, having 14+years of experience in the technical field is what enhances my expertise in the digital marketing industry. As a Co-Founder & CTO of Carney Technologies Services, he have provided support and guidance to startups, helped brands with business processing styles, training of professionals for technical advancement and more. He take charge of the organization’s technological needs along with its research & Development. As a chief technical officer, he is responsible for the short-term and long-term needs of an organization.

His roles and responsibility in an organization are defined by the kind of clients they are dealing with. His responsibility includes

• Formulating a vision about how technology can be used in a company

• He create and outline company goals to run the research & development easily

• Creating technical aspects of a company’s strategy is one of his strengths

• Identifying and implementing innovative technologies for the company

As a CTO of Carney Technologies Services, he manages large teams’, big data, and services life-cycle from start to finish with the help of senior technical executives. He is responsible for supervising the system infrastructure to ensure functionality and efficiency. Quality assurance and data protection are two of the most important responsibility of his position.

His professional objective in life is to create an easier yet highly effective technical strategy for businesses across the digital marketing industry. He is thorough experienced in strategy making, negotiating skills & mentoring, data security, and compliance. His experiences in the professional industry after engineering gave him the required knowledge to become business tech-savvy for any field.

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