Autogrip Comforts LLP
Winner of India 500 Startup Awards 2022

Autogrip Comforts LLP
Winner of India 500 Startup Awards 2022

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Registered Company Name
Autogrip Comforts LLP
Registration Type
Limited Liability Partnership

Business Category
Automobile, Parts & Spares
Business Sub Category
Automotive Accessories Manufacturer

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City & PinCode
Surat - 395017


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AutoGrip Comforts LLP is an emerging manufacturing firm that specializes in producing high-end Car & Bus seat covers and floor mats. They are rapidly growing, and our goal is to produce premium-quality items with unique packaging and installation features. They've been in business for seven years, but they've made a name for themselves through partnering with leading businesses. They want you to consider your car a luxury rather than a commodity. They are well know for their product quality and exact fitting for all brands of car. They cater 95% automobile floor lamination across states. 

Founder Details

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Mr. Bhavin Madhukar Sawant
B.Tech (Automobile)

Mr. Bhavin Madhukar Sawant, optimistic CEO with 5+ years hands-on experience in multiple organization of different sectors. Enthusiastic to learn and work on demanded organization & market knowledge. Believer of positivity & optimistic of goal or future goal. Looking forward to apply the gained skill set to an interesting and challenging role. Also organizing multiple activities and creating a great office culture to ensure the retention of talent.

Autogrip Comforts LLP [2022-currently working](CEO)/Founder Formation(30sept. 2021-current) AS CEO Mr. Bhavin Madhukar Sawant have achieved some experience as below :

1. From setting up new company organization structure to developing production unit/plant with genuine and hardworking employees.

2. Obtaining the best result from production team management by setting target and sales target.

3. Understanding & Implementing market survey.

4. Taking decision on cost & production cost and building strategy accordingly.

5. Designing and implementing dealer base network.

6. Closing deal with dealers with agreement & bonds.

7. Continuous engagement for achieving maximum sales outcome.

8. Setting up in-house management team for handling production & dealer network.

9. Covering deals across states and cities by allocating dealers.

10. Build alliances and partnerships with other organizations.

11. Oversee the day-to-day operation of the company.

12. Work closely with the human resource department to ensure great hiring.

13. Work with senior stakeholders, chief financial officer, chief information officer, and other executives.

14. Identify and address problems and opportunities for the company.

15. Work with the executive board to determine values and mission, and plan for short and long-term goals.

16. Create an environment that promotes great performance and positive morale. ….

Achievement: Achieved sales of 80 lakhs in 8 months Types of Product: car floor mates(2D,3D,7D,9D,grass mats, car seat covers) SAS Pvt Ltd [2017-currently working

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