Winner of India 500 Best Brand Awards 2023

Winner of India 500 Best Brand Awards 2023

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Sapna Industries

Business Category
Packaging Machines & Goods
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Manufacturer of Self Adhesive Bopp Tapes, Floor Marking Tape, Masking Tape,PVC Insulation Tape, Metalized Tape, Duct Tape, Reinforced Paper Tape, Polyester Tape, Double Sided Tissue Tape.

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Pardi - 396125


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Sapna Industries was founded with the commitment to offer an ever-improving standard of custom packaging excellence. To accomplish this goal, they have followed three guiding standards, Value in Addition to Price - Offer a great product as well as a great price. Their goal is to consistently offer the highest quality packaging at the lowest prices in the industry.

A Selection that is Second to None - Offer an extensive array of sizes, lengths, colors and printing options with an equally impressive pricing.

Genuine Respect for the Customer - Simply stated, they will treat you as they would like to be treated themselves. Their passion for outstanding customer service means they are not satisfied until customers are satisfied.

With over two decades of perseverance, Sapna Industries has emerged as leading manufacturers of quality adhesive and Specialty tapes and has established its brand - ISOPAC in Indian and International Markets. Besides tapes, the company also works dedicatedly towards manufacturing, developing and marketing a wide variety of packaging solutions.

With its Continuous Research, Strategic Location, Integrated Production Line and Dedicated Skilled Team, Sapna Industries continuous to serve some of the best companies in India.

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