Flowtork Controls Pvt. Ltd.
Winner of India 500 Startup Awards 2023

Flowtork Controls Pvt. Ltd.
Winner of India 500 Startup Awards 2023

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Flowtork Controls Pvt. Ltd.
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Private Limited Company

Business Category
Electrical Equipment
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Manufacturer of Three Phase Quarter Turn Electric Actuator, Flowtork Quarter Turn Rotary Electric Actuator, Electric Valve Actuators

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Pune - 412308



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Flowtork Controls Pvt. Ltd. is a team of expert engineers, having vide and huge practical as well as online field. Flowtork, experience of almost 15 to 20 years in electrical actuators, motorized valves, dampers, etc for its design, manufacturing, retrofitting, installations, and it's commissioning in various private and Govt sectors. Over these periods with their strong marketing analysis and customer's-relations & with their valued feedback we come to know the major problems and loop - holes in the automaton area for electrical actuators. So, keeping all these points in mind and to meet customer's exact requirements, they have started their own designed high quality and high performance user-friendly electrical actuators, motorized valves and dampers.

Their Actuators and other products are widely used in the industrial sectors like

1) Water Treatment plants.

2) Power Plants.

3) Sugar Plants.

4) Chemical & pharmaceutical Industries.

5) HVAC Applications.

6) Marine & Irrigation

7) Mobile base GSM base system for remote area applications in farming & irrigation system.

8) Water sewage plants.

9) Steel Plants.

10) Cement Industries.

11) Paper & Pulp Industries.

12) Oil & Gas Industries.

13) Water level control systems for high tower building water tanks.

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Mr. Arun V. Gavali
Post Graduate Electronics (M.Sc.-Electronics)

Mr. Arun V. Gavali is having vast experience of almost 20 years in the marketing of various industrial engineering products. Having sound technical and Engineering knowledge he can offer best solutions to the customers. Having prime importance of customer satisfaction, he has created good relationship and strong business associations with all customers. With these huge efforts in all industrial sectors like water, power, steel, cement, pharma and chemical as well as oil and having knowledge of customer’s exact requirement he has started a manufacturing activity with his known close friends who has the same experience in this engineering field for quality and production. In view to produce the best quality Actuators, Motorized valves & Dampers (Fit & forget type) to become lifetime partner in the Automation systems for customer's needs and their satisfaction with latest. technology & Economic solutions.

So Flowtork as a company has great vision: To achieve Global leadership name for product quality, it's services manufacturing & marking of Electrical Actuators with customer's satisfaction in the Automaton world.

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