Dattachhaya Chains & Co.
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2023

Dattachhaya Chains & Co.
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2023

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Dattachhaya Chains & Co.
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Industrial Plants & Machinery
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Manufacturer of Conveyor Chain, Conveyors, Jigs & Fixtures and All Other Types of Material Handling Systems.

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Kolhapur - 416234



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Dattachhaya Engineering Works was established in 1960, by Mr. Ramachandra Dadoba Jagtap with very neat & clean motive to serve people with best products & cost. Then after Dattachhaya Engineering Works transformed into Dattachhaya Chains & co. which has been serving industrial sector for 5 decades with the best quality and trusted services. It is renowned for producing some of the finest conveyor chains & chain spares in the sector.

Dattachhaya Chains & Co. have a diverse range of products which include conveyor Chain, Conveyors, Jigs & Fixtures and all other types of material handling systems. They have a complete in house set up right from the chain manufacturing to the rigorous quality control systems along with their cutting-edge back up always deliver optimum, state-of-art technological solutions to their clients. Their business model is based on the core philosophy of serving their clients with absolute quality and efficiency that helps them strive in these competitive world. Their global quality products coupled with wholesome services give the clients a leading edge in the industry and contribute to their business growth.

Industries They Serve : Sugar Industry, Auto Industry, Agriculture Industry, Cement Industry, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry, Fertilizer Industry, Food Industry, Logistics, Foundries, Mining & Metals Industry. 

Product Range : Feeder Table Chain, Cane Carrier Chain, Rake Carrier Chain, Forged Block Type Chain , Main Bagasses Carrier Chain, Return Bagasses Carrier Chain, Stracker Chain, Stiching Bag Conveyor Chain , Coal Feeder Chain, Boiler Chain, Raddler Chain, Special Attachment Chains, Bucket Elevator Chain, Simplex Duplex & Triplex Chains, Cane Carrier Slats, RBC Slats, Stracker Slats, Fabricated Rakes, Cane Cutting Knives, Cane Chopping Hammers, Heavy Fabricated Parts.

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Mr. Tushar Arunrao Jagtap
BE Mech./MBA - Production Managment

Dattachhaya Chains & Co. is a well known organization in manufacturing & supplier of heavy duty chains and allied fabricated parts being used in sugar, cement, steel, fertilizers manufacturing industries since last 60 years with up growing graph. It is always in upgrowing mode supported by Jagtap Family experienced & educated background.

Third generation now active in the kind leadership of Mr. Tushar Arunrao Jagtap who is young, dynamic engineering graduate with confident & commanding nature self motivated & inspiring focus to overall growth of organization. Maintain friendly relations with subordinators, customers, suppliers, vendors. Outstanding combination of Technical Knowledge, Good Administration, Leadership Qualities, Proactive management skills , Self Innovative, Result Oriented dynamic carrier. More than last 10 + years experienced from bottom level activities, Proper implementation of new projects with ability to take hard efforts nonstop upgrading self as well as staff upgrade for continuous improvement in self, supporters and organization. A multiskilled organizer to maintain self always at ground level even though he born with golden spoon in mount. Always seek for self improvement along with employees & motivate to them to achive.

Very kind behaviour, honnest & hard effort taking ability, Positive Proactive management Skills, good Administration activies brought the organizationin upgrowing mode inspring to subordinates to upgrade in their fields. Always dreams for betterness & profitatible business ideas, continuous improvement, upgrade the organisation in stormy weather also with positive attitude. Key Word Of Success :- Upgrade & improve, Innovative activities for rich dream with high efforts.

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