ER Automotives
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2023

ER Automotives
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2023

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ER Automotives
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Automobile, Parts & Spares
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Manufacture Of Machined And Precision Components.

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Rohtak - 124001



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ER Automotives, Rohtak. ER was created with a vision to be the leading Automotive parts manufacturer of India. They aim to grow themself and their company by developing teir many original and unique ideas from around the world, and integrate them into a unified system which means committing pride, passion and craftsmanship to the whole process of manufacturing product of excellence, which fully satisfy their customer’s expectation.

They proudly produce Precision Machined, Turned and Forged Parts for 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers segment. They have four manufacturing facilities in India located at Rohtak (Haryana) which are fully equipped with state of the art machines, technology and skills to process raw materials to final products and assembly.

They have started their business in the year 1995. The journey of these 28 years was very exciting and they have grown manifolds and gained the Customer’s trust in terms of Quality, Cost and Delivery. For a company like them, environmental concerns, safety and social responsibility is of utmost importance. They certainly understand their responsibility towards a greener & safer planet. They have environment friendly manufacturing plants, their factory campuses are surrounded by lush greenery and they procure raw materials and consumables which are least hazardous to the environment. They take all possible measures to contribute to the environment.

Another important concern at the ER family is safety & welfare of their employees. They have taken all measures to address this by providing world class infrastructure & facilities at all manufacturing units and offices.

Aiming to be Number 1 Company which is loved and selected by its Employees, Customer and Society. Together as a family, they will counter every challenge that may come their way like they have always faced them successfully with their operational efficiency and best management of the human resource. Their passion to excel in manufacturing automotive parts has given them a unique distinction in every aspect of this competitive industry. The testimonials that theyreceive always motivate them to perform better every moment.

At ER, they are committed to offer the best possible solutions for the automotive industry.

Managing Partner Details

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Mrs. Seema Pathak
Masters in Arts

Mrs. Seema Pathak, Managing Director of ER Automotives. From what is known of her, she is an extremely disciplined, dedicated and efficient person with a warm personality and years of experience in this field of Automotive Parts Manufacturing Industry.

In such a senior most position she is controlling and overseeing all business operations, people and departments.

As the highest-ranking manager in ER Automotives, she is looking after the overall growth and success of their company.

She has ensured that the company is constantly moving towards fulfilling all its goals in compliance with the company policies, rules, and regulations.

Each team of every department is ultimately under her, and she is assessing each one of their performances to check for improvements or solutions. She is a kind-hearted woman as well, and everyone surely is learning a lot from her.

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