Jibz India Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2023

Jibz India Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2023

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Registered Company Name
Jibz India Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Registration Type
Private Limited Company

Business Category
Transportation & Logistics
Business Sub Category
Passenger Transport Services.

Establishment Year

Number Of Employee
Mumbai City

City & PinCode
Mumbai - 400102


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Incorporated on November 27, 2019, Jibz India Systems Pvt. Ltd. has rapidly emerged as a prominent player in the dynamic landscape of transportation and mobility services. With a fleet of over 280 vehicles and a steadfast commitment to excellence, Jibz India Systems Pvt. Ltd. has carved out a niche in the industry by providing indispensable support to ride-sharing giants like Uber.

Company distinguishes itself by assuming comprehensive responsibility for all expenses associated with their fleet. This includes not only the costs of driver salaries but also the financial burdens of fuel, repair and maintenance, staff salaries, and more. At Jibz India Systems Pvt. Ltd., they understand that efficiency and reliability are paramount in the ride-sharing industry, and they take pride in shouldering the financial aspects, allowing their partners to focus on providing top-tier service to their passengers.

Their journey since their inception has been marked by innovation, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to excellence in the mobility sector. They have consistently strived to be a driving force behind the success of their partners in the ride-sharing industry, enabling them to offer seamless, cost-effective transportation solutions while they handle the intricacies of fleet management.

As they continue to evolve and expand their operations, Jibz India Systems Pvt. Ltd. remains dedicated to redefining the standards of efficiency and reliability in the realm of transportation services. Their vision is to be the backbone of their partners' success stories, ensuring that they can focus on what they do best, while they take care of the rest. Join them on their journey as they transform the transportation landscape, one ride at a time.

Founder & Director Details

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Mr. Ashfaque Abdul Rahim Chunawala
B. Com

Mr. Ashfaque Chunawala, the visionary CEO of Jibz India Systems Pvt. Ltd., is a dynamic leader who has steered the company to remarkable success. With a solid foundation in commerce, having completed his B.Com degree, Ashfaque brings a unique blend of financial acumen and strategic insight to the helm.

Under his astute leadership, Jibz India Systems Pvt. Ltd. has flourished into a prominent player in the transportation and mobility services sector. His ability to harness data-driven insights and industry trends has been instrumental in shaping the company's growth trajectory.

Ashfaque is renowned for his unwavering commitment to transparency and accountability. He has established a culture of operational excellence within the company, ensuring that every aspect of fleet management, driver support, and financial transactions is conducted with precision and integrity.

As CEO, Ashfaque oversees a dedicated team of professionals, working in tandem to meet ambitious targets and consistently deliver high-quality services. His strategic vision extends beyond the day-to-day operations, focusing on sustainable growth, market expansion, and innovation within the ride-sharing industry.

Ashfaque Chunawala's leadership style is marked by his hands-on approach and accessibility to both employees and partners. His educational background in commerce, coupled with his practical experience, equips him with the skills necessary to navigate the complexities of the business world while staying true to the company's mission and values.

Under his guidance, Jibz India Systems Pvt. Ltd. continues to thrive, offering seamless and reliable transportation solutions, and setting new standards of excellence in the industry. Ashfaque's vision, commitment, and qualifications make him a driving force behind the company's continued success.

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