PMFS Enterprize LLP
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2023

PMFS Enterprize LLP
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2023

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Registered Company Name
PMFS Enterprize LLP
Registration Type
Limited Liability Partnership

Business Category
HR Planning & Recruitment
Business Sub Category
Providing HR & Recruitment Services.

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South Delhi

City & PinCode
New Delhi - 110030


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PMFS Enterprise LLP, trusted HR services firm in Delhi, India. As a leading provider of comprehensive HR solutions, they cater to businesses nationwide. With their expertise, they offer Payroll Management, Recruitment Support, Statutory Compliance, Housekeeping Services, Contractual Labor, and Facility Management. Count on them for accurate payroll processing, skilled talent acquisition, regulatory compliance, pristine workspaces, efficient contractual labor management, and optimized facility operations. Their customer-centric approach and industry knowledge ensure exceptional HR services that drive efficiency, compliance, and growth. Transform your HR processes and elevate your business with them.

PMFS are firmly committed to providing comprehensive HR solutions. Alongside recruitment and payroll services, their Manpower Contract solutions seamlessly integrate contractual staff into your organization, optimizing your workforce as per business demands. They prioritize Statutory Compliances, ensuring your organization adheres to all legal obligations. Trust them for committed HR support.

PMFS, as a team of HR Business Partners, Generalists, Analysts, IT & Non IT recruiters, and strategists, they are dedicated to sharing their expertise to help your business succeed. With a proven track record, they believe that clear communication and expert collaboration can enhance your bottom line. Trust them to contribute to your success through their experience and knowledge.

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Mr. Vinay Kumar Singh
Post Graduate


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