Royal Yarns Coimbatore Pvt. Ltd.
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2023

Royal Yarns Coimbatore Pvt. Ltd.
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2023

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Registered Company Name
Royal Yarns Coimbatore Pvt. Ltd.
Registration Type
Private Limited Company

Business Category
Textiles, Yarn & Fabrics
Business Sub Category
Manufacturer & Trader of Yarns.

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City & PinCode
Tiruppur - 641652
Tamil Nadu



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Spinning Innovations for Today & Tomorrow Changing with the times has been the essence of the ever changing and electric world of fashion. With each new day comes a new direction and a new dimension to this dynamic industry. At the helm of it lies the backbone of its existence - Innovation in yarn manufacturing and supplies, the very essence of the beginning of tomorrow.

Royal Yarns Coimbatore Pvt. Ltd. honour the importance of change Inovation. A quality that has made them the leaders in this field and has bewtowed upon them the recognition of being known as a "Supermarket of High Quality Yarns". Backed with a a state-of-the art plant having an installed capacity of over 8,50,000 spindles, along with two dyeing plants totalling a capacity of over 63.5 tons per day, plus the prestigious ISO 9002 certification.

They always try to meet and exceed expectation for Product quality, delivery and service. As partner to their customers they constantly strive to maintain the flexibility in manufacturing and provide service that allows them to respond quickly.

Managing Director Details

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Mr. B. Balusamy

Mr. B. Balusamy's role in yarn business is pivotal in ensuring its growth and success within the textile and crafting industry. His responsibilities encompass a wide range of crucial functions:

Strategic Vision: Mr. B. Balusamy plays a key role in defining the long-term vision and direction of yarn business, providing a roadmap for success.

Product Development: He oversees the development of new yarn products, ensuring they are in sync with market trends and customer preferences, fostering innovation and creativity in the product lineup.

Supply Chain Management: Mr. B. Balusamy is responsible for efficiently managing the procurement of essential raw materials like yarns, optimizing the supply chain to en sure consistent production.

Quality Assurance: Ensuring the highest standards of quality in our yarn products is a top priority, demonstrating a commitment to delivering top-notch goods to customers.

Marketing and Branding: He leads efforts in creating and executing effective marketing strategies to promote their yarn products and build a strong and recognizable brand in the industry.

Sales and Distribution: Mr. B. Balusamy oversees the various sales channels, including collaborations with Manufactures, expanding their business's market presence.

Financial Management: Managing the financial health of the company, including pricing, budgeting, and revenue growth strategies, is vital to ensure sustainable growth and profitability.

Innovation and Sustainability: His emphasis on innovation in production techniques and materials, coupled with a commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices, sets their business apart.

Customer Relations: Mr. B. Balusamy actively engages with customers, gaining insights into their preferences and needs to align product offerings with market demand.

Team Leadership: His role includes building and leading a diverse team of professionals in the Production and Marketing departments, fostering a collaborative and innovative work culture.

Compliance and Regulations: He ensures their business complies with industry regulations and ethical standards, maintaining a reputation for integrity.

Risk Management: Identifying and mitigating risks, such as supply chain disruptions or market fluctuations, helps safeguard the business's stability.

Adaptability: Staying updated on industry trends and technologies allows Mr. B. Balusamy to make informed decisions and adapt to a dynamic market landscape.

Creativity: Encouraging creativity and artistic expression within the organization cultivates a culture of innovation and differentiation.

Profitability: His primary objective is to secure the company's profitability and ensure sustainable growth in the yarn industry.

Global Expansion: If opportunities arise, Mr. B. Balusamy may lead international expansion efforts, exploring new markets for their yarn products..

Long-Term Sustainability: Mr. B. Balusamy is dedicated to the long-term sustainability of their yarn business, both economically and environmentally, reflecting a commitment to responsible business practices.
In Mr. B. Balusamy's role, the fusion of business acumen with a profound appreciation for craftsmanship and creativity ensures the delivery of high-quality yarn products to an enthusiastic and diverse community of crafters and artists.

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