SI Surgical Corporation
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2023

SI Surgical Corporation
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2023

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Registered Company Name
SI Surgical Corporation
Registration Type
Sole Proprietorship

Business Category
Hospital and Diagnosis Instrument
Business Sub Category
Manufacturer of Medical Equipments & Hospital Furnitures.

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City & PinCode
Howrah - 711409
West Bengal



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SI Surgical Corporation, a Kolkata based company brings medical equipments and hospital furnitures under the brand name SI Surgical.

As one of the most experienced and innovative manufacturing company in Kolkata, “SI Surgical Corporation” carrying a history of almost a decade of innovation, technology, manufacturing and marketing leadership in hospital furnitures and equipments. Today They are spending huge amount of scientific and creative energy on this aspect. SI Surgical Corporation is one such company which has followed the latest trend in medical equipments, furniture and is one step ahead in innovations, quality and services consciousness. The era started in the year 2006 by the name of SI Surgical and changed to SI Surgical Corporation when the company became export & import house.

Today SI Surgical is a full capacity provider of high quality hospital furnitures and equipments for hospital & nursing homes. In 2016 SI Surgical Corporation innovated a new company by the name of “SI Surgical Pvt. Ltd” for MODULAR OT (Hermatically door,Vinayl floor,Laminor airflow,AHU system etc.)devision.

To retain and reinforce their position as a known manufacturer of medical equipments, furniture and to meet the aspiration of their customers of the corporate world. They have an on line zero defect supply setup back supported by responsive service, empowered employees, vendor partners and a very satisfied customer based.

They proud “SI Surgical Pvt. Ltd” family vow to strive vigorously to delight their customers who are very sophisticated, by pursuing excellence and innovation through committed team work. Initially they started with marketing of hospital furniture and medical equipments of different brands, but now they established their own brand SI Surgical.

They promise for continuous learning, achievement oriented and ethical business practices, which will make them shine in international level and served as a well known brand. They vow to remain a responsible corporate citizen contributing to the desired comfort level which is today’s demand in the world.

SI Surgical Pvt. Ltd has acquired ISO 9001:2015, 13485:2003 and for the design, research & development, manufacturer & supply hospital beds, operation theatre table, operation theatre lights, other medical equipments and instruments.

Proprietor Details

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Mr. Sanjoy Mukjerjee
B. Com

Mr. Sanjoy Mukherjee, founder of SI Surgical Corporation has proved that a person with a positive mission and strong abilities to face every challenges ascent success / target as he desired. Since childhood struggles for livelihood, sufferings of family members and strong will to establish in the society implored Sanjoy to find a more challenging way to lead a dignified life. As he was the witness of sufferings of the family since childhood, he had a firm decision to start his own venture that will play a role of umbrella to provide livelihood protection for many helpless people. His honesty inherited from his father, strong abilities of market analysis and tideless attempts prompted him to start his own business venture of surgical products under the sole proprietorship scheme and after sixteen years of tireless journey, he has made a diversified business.

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