Utsav Seeds Pvt. Ltd.
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2023

Utsav Seeds Pvt. Ltd.
Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2023

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Registered Company Name
Utsav Seeds Pvt. Ltd.
Registration Type
Private Limited Company

Business Category
Agriculture & Farming
Business Sub Category
Manufacturer of Castor Seeds, Mustard Seeds, Guar Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Fodder Bajara seeds, Gum Guar Seeds

Establishment Year

Number Of Employee
Banaskantha (Palanpur)

City & PinCode
Palanpur - 385001


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Utsav Seeds Pvt. Ltd. is backed by technical expertise in the field of breeding for genetically improved hybrids. The company endeavors to improve the productivity levels of farming community through quality seeds. With an instilled philosophy of “Seed of Gujarat”. The company presents its range of field, fodder and vegetable seed portfolio.

Utsav Seeds Pvt. Ltd. ltd. aims and objectives are to provide products that are; Engineered to the local need Infused with genetic power Designed for high yield and profit

Utsav Seeds initially started as  farm at Jodnapura, District- Banaskantha during 2003 & firm was rename as Utsav Seeds Pvt. Ltd., from 2013, thus the company is actively engaged in seed industry. The company is actively involved in research, production, processing & marketing of high quality seeds of Castor, Bajra, cotton, cereals, pulses, oil seeds and vegetable seeds.

Utsav Seeds Pvt. Ltd. having their key goal is to provide the best products to meet the farmers need and enhance their profitability.

Utsav Seeds is dedicated to their core business – Seed of Gujarat. This ideal helps keep their activities focused and keeps their resources in line with working towards their business goal.

Director Details

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Mr. Hareshbhai Gami

Utsav Seeds Pvt. Ltd., have five directors namely Mr. Haribhai Ganeshbhai Patel; Mr. Narsinhbhai Kanjibhai Kholwadiya; Mr. Ankitkumar Rameshbhai Patel; Mr. Vasantbhai Ganeshbhai Gami and Mr. Prakashkumar Ramabhai Patel.

Mr. Haribhai Ganeshbhai Patel is working as Managing Director in the company; he has wide experience in both marketing and research programme. He was also worked with many private companies in many years.

Mr. Vasantbhai Ganeshbhai Gami has a keen interest in research programme for the development of new technology for uplifting the economy of farming community.

Mr. Narsinhbhai Kanjibhai Kholwadiya has wide experience in quality seed production programme.

Mr. Ankitkumar Rameshbhai Patel working as Director- Sales and Marketing in the company.

Mr. Prakashkumar Ramabhai Patel has working as a Logistic Director.

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