Mr. Rony Varghese Abraham
Winner of India 500 CEO Awards 2020

Mr. Rony Varghese Abraham
Winner of India 500 CEO Awards 2020

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Mr. Rony Varghese Abraham
BE-Mechanical Engineering, MBA (Operations Management)

An enthusiastic and extra ordinary individual with more than 12 years of experience in Operations Management, lifting equipment inspection ,NDT Inspection, Amusement Devices Inspection, In-house and External Training and Business Development. Started Roann’s Kitchen in the Mid of 2020 with the aim of providing quality spices to the people in Kerala, All India and abroad.

Being an MBA holder in Operations Management and with 12 years’ experience in Oil and Gas, Rony had the knowledge of how to start up the company and run it smoothly with the output Company is aiming at. Roann’s Kitchen being established in 2020, knows very clearly the value of quality in the market! They strive to provide the best in class products for each segments without any additives or colour.

The primary mission of Roann’s Kitchen is to serve the people in India and abroad with quality food products. They also aim in developing people in their organization by providing in-house, on-site and external trainings as required. They achieve the quality through strategic partnerships with established suppliers of raw materials, Experienced Leadership, Professional Staff, and applying Leading Edge Technologies.

Rony Abraham announces an ambitious sustainability approach with the aim to become a sustainable frontrunner in the Spices industry. Rony’s ambition is for 100% of its net sales to come from products and services which enable the health and well-being of people and the planet by 2030. The Roann’s Kitchen Sustainability Approach 2030 is based on selected United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and it will be integrated with the company’s growth strategy and business operations across the world.

“Sustainability has always been a part of Roann’s Kitchen’s DNA and, as a family-owned company, they recognize their responsibility for all future generations and the future of food. The food & beverage industry can be a part of the global climate and health solutions and, therefore, They must reconsider how they grow, produce and consume food”,


Company Name
Roann’s Kitchen
12 Years

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33 Years




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