Clevbrain Technologies
Winner of India 500 Most Promising IT Company 2021

Clevbrain Technologies
Winner of India 500 Most Promising IT Company 2021

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Clevbrain Technologies
Registration Type
Private Limited Company

Business Category
IT Services & Products
Business Sub Category
IT services

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Ahmedabad - 380051



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Clevbrain Technologies is a well-known and established IT company in the business. They work with all kinds of IT services including Android, Ios, Windows, Web, and more platforms. The company also has experience in game development with various platforms. Clevbrain has a well-appreciated company for its different services in the market and trends in the business.

The years of experience have made clevbrain different and knowledgeable in the field. Their company has been in trend for various reasons like creativity, quality work, and effective communication which has built our brand. Clevbrain also has expert employees for every field and platform.

They have employees who show the true characters of Hardwork and put their best foot forward to help the clients. Moreover, they try our best to build trust between us and clients. Clevbrain team is dedicated to helping the clients completely in the ongoing work process and after services also.

The working process is clear, organized, and fast in terms of work. They give materials, samples, and creative ideas on time. There have been numerous challenges in the work process over the years but they have learned to grow and overcome all the obstacles. Hence clevbrain has been through the journey which makes their company ahead in business.

Managing Director Details

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Mrs. Nupura Deshpande

Mrs. Nupura Deshpande, the owner of an IT company name Clevbrain Technologies, had established this company in 2019 after gaining five years of experience in this field. In a small period, her company has achieved a well-dignified record in the business. She had started this company in 2019 but after few months they face a major challenge of covid lockdown which affected their work very majority, But since she had always believed in fighting and learning.

She expected the same from her company they have been through this whole journey of ups and downs during these tough times in the year but after all these issues, they have bravely overcome all the obstacles and now their company name, her company is well known and appreciated in the business, she believe to fight all this time from typical norm of job is the great idea to be a working women or it's not a woman's cup of tea to have an IT company but after fighting with all these things she believe that hard work pays off at the end but still is not an end her journey and Clevbrain journey has much more to achieve. This faithful journey is the most appreciated part of her life’s career.

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