Winner of India 500 Startup Awards 2021

Winner of India 500 Startup Awards 2021

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Sole Proprietorship

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Brand consulting

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Guntur - 522017
Andhra Pradesh


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MAGSMEN, is a registered finest Brand consulting firm in Andhra pradesh, situated in Guntur. Magsmen is designed to formulate the strategies for the existing businesses to compete in this hyper competitive global business market. They are specialized in concept development, Brand creation, Brand strategy, Digital marketing planning and many more. MAGSMEN is the first ever branding agency in Andhra pradesh to be ISO 9001:2015 certified.

They use their creativity to come up with the right concept, idea or that gorgeous design. Their creative team includes graphic designers, Brand strategists, content writers & certified social media managers who can plan, design and produce brand specific assets and marketing materials.
All of their creative work is supported with clear, rational and logical executions. Creative, but we always keep a clear eye on our client’s strategy, goals, feasibility and return on investment.

They built MAGSMEN to help small and medium businesses thrive in this competitive market. With increase in the more number of brands entering into the market, it has become a tough job for the businesses to sustain their customers and build brand loyalty. These factors influenced us to build MAGSMEN, to undertake the complete Brand management for the business and then plan and execute to bring the loyalty.

Founder Details

Mr. Sandeep N

Learning and reading are two things that can keep me stay sleepless for a long time and so as the deakin library. Deakin library is so big, that to all the book lovers, it’s a heaven. He spent most of my time in learning new things, He used to understand how the business world works outside. Curiosity thumps to passion, his passion towards understanding business or building the future always keeps me read different books. If someone asks me, what’s the best part in your MBA life, with not an alternate thing in my mind, he would say its library. it played a huge role in helping him build by startups.

On 10th January, 2020, he began drafting work for my third startup, it took me 8 months to build a perfect business model. Despite the covid, he began my startup on 1st August, In a state where businesses are struggling to adapt themselves to the post covid era, in a time where businesses could not afford other than essential activities, he thought this is the time he need to start this company to educate everyone, making them aware and today. Within 8 months, they served 65 clients all over india, their company have been featured in multiple media and has been recognised by the DEAKIN alumni too.

Today, they manage over 11 brands, they recently bagged a detergent company that has a turn over of 15000 crores and urad dall national brand “ Tenali double horse” Stamina partner for sunrisers hyderabad, ipl. . They manage their online reputation management, Online media handling, strategic planning, product launch campaigns, marketing strategy planning and brand launch for the upcoming product. , they generated a revenue that is sufficient to run this company for the next 18 months. Today, they were the finest branding company in the entire state, and i strongly believe we have a long way to go.

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