Divya Rajadurai
Winner of India 5000 Women Achiever Awards 2021

Divya Rajadurai
Winner of India 5000 Women Achiever Awards 2021

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Divya Rajadurai

Divya Rajadurai is a Bachelor in Corporate Secretaryship from Chennai, Tamilnadu, and the Founder cum Event Manager of Unique Events, a 2+ years old pioneer Event Management Company with a wonderful reputation on the events such as communal ceremonies to corporate events. Recently, Unique Events was awarded Best Event Management Company of the Year 2020-2021 from Fashion & Business Awards, Chennai. During the corona crisis curfew, she had started an online Unique Kids Academy to bring the talents & competitive skills of kids, a talent capitalization company that epitomized young talents to achieve awards. She has conducted many online competitions & events nationwide. As an outcome, she had been Honoured with the World Record for successfully organizing the National Level Virtual Drawing Competition with the most number of participants. Also, identifying new talents and giving motivation the best among them to get recognized to achieve World records by supporting and working as an associate for M/s. Triumph World Records Organisation, Chennai. In two years, she has been recognized and has won achievement awards, some of them are the Best Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2020-21from M/s. Kalam’s Golden Awards · Best Associate Award 2021 from M/s. Triumph World Records


Company Name
Unique Events
2 years

Founder & CEO
Field of Specialization
Event management


Tamil Nadu

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