Nancy Uppal
Winner of India 5000 Women Achiever Awards 2021

Nancy Uppal
Winner of India 5000 Women Achiever Awards 2021

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Nancy Uppal
B. Pharm

Nancy started her own Pharmaceutical Trading Company as a Managing Director by the name of Healthcare Pharma Trading Pvt. Ltd. As the Managing Director of this company she helped to achieve great heights & big turnovers.  Afterwards this company was restructured into a partnership firm with her husband Mr. Uday Uppal by the name of Healthcare Pharma Trading. Under her leadership achieved even greater heights year after year. This year they are expecting it to rise to about 1.5 Cr. In this firm she is promoting and exporting pharmaceutical raw materials and finished products from Indian companies to various parts of the World. She has also assisted certain big & small companies in tapping virgin markets, providing them with a much needed window of global business expansion.

The firm has even achieved in diverting bulk pharmaceutical products from Chinese exporters to Indian manufacturers and exporters purely on the basis of quality and on time services provided by firm. They also helping Indian firms get tenders awarded by companies like Pharmaceutical Factory. Laos and Medical supply which is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Cambodia, these were totally untapped market for Indian Pharma companies which were earlier being catered by China. Healthcare Pharma Trading is also helping in developing of new proprietary drugs by assisting big pharma companies in finding and procuring specific raw material from regulated markets like Europe. Over & above this she is also working as a Pharmaceutical Consultant for overseas companies having a Proprietary firm in her name Nancy Uppal which does an average consultancy business of about 45 lacs every year.


Company Name
Healthcare Pharma Trading
10 years

Founder & CEO
Field of Specialization


Himachal Pradesh

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