Nikita Pandit
Winner of India 5000 Women Achiever Awards 2021

Nikita Pandit
Winner of India 5000 Women Achiever Awards 2021

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Nikita Pandit

Ms. Nikita Pandit is the Co-founder and Director of Innovative Publication. She has 18 years of work experience in various research-based multinational organizations. She has also served in the Dept. of Agriculture, Government of Madhya Pradesh as an Agriculture Officer and felicitated with various awards for her effectiveness and efficiency. Her corporate exposure began with Organica Inc. A Hungary-based Multinational firm widely known for its greener technologies-related work as a Business Manager in India.
Guided by an entrepreneurial spirit and an unwavering dedication to academia, at the age of 27, she founded Innovative Publication in 2009. Innovative Publication is a pioneer in its field. The motive of this organization is to allow researchers to disseminate quality research in their own voices and break new ground in emerging fields of Medical Science. Her intention was then to create a platform for the medical researchers of the country which will facilitate them to publicize their quality research findings for the betterment of society. With this unique vision, she has volunteered at the Innovative Education and Scientific Research Foundation (IESRF). Having good experience in various fields enables her to make strategies for achieving goals with the deadlines amidst tight schedules. She kept on improving her managerial and domain-specific skills to nourish her knowledge and management ability. She wholeheartedly dedicated herself to fulfilling her responsibilities as a Publisher and Philanthropist and persistently provides guidance to Innovative Publication and has successfully assisted the organization to become a well-known brand for its unique medical and scientific publication.
She pursued various certificate courses in the field of Publication and Editorial Management. She has various publications and paper presentations in her credit. She has been associated with various reputed Institutions organisations like CSE, FPBA, NISO, FIP, SAVI, IESRF, SCS as an active member and is responsible for the welfare and development of those organizations. She has vast hands-on experience in presentations, planning, and organizing national and international conferences, webinars, seminars. She has been awarded and nominated various times from different Institutions for her work and active participation.


Company Name
IP Innovative Publication Pvt Ltd
18 years

Founder & Director
Field of Specialization
Media & Publication

New Delhi


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