Nivedita Kumar
Winner of India 5000 Women Achiever Awards 2021

Nivedita Kumar
Winner of India 5000 Women Achiever Awards 2021

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Nivedita Kumar
MA in English

Nivedita strongly believes in the saying that “If you strongly desire something, the universe definitely conspires to bring it to you.” She believes in striking the right balance between being passionate and compassionate, which allows her to build strong relationships by forming an optimistic, inclusive environment through showcasing integrity, respect, and care for the people and resources around her. She not only effectively knows how to take the lead, but also is a keen supporter. Nivedita is a versatile young leader armed with a knack for detail and pragmatism, whilst maintaining a keen eye to identify opportunities to innovate, through design and technology. Convinced that her generation must take charge of making the right decisions, she strives to realize the power of marketing and storytelling to evoke emotions in order to establish compassionate practices, gender equality, and sustainability to make the world a kind place. Her attributes as a thoughtful leader, green panther, achiever, and mentor have contributed to her playing key roles since a young age. Bearing the titles such as Sports Team Captain, Cultural Secretary, Social Activist, Designer, Writer, Editor, Content Creator, Brand Strategist, PMP certified Project Manager, Global Brand Program Manager, and Head of Brand & Marketing, she is a resilient individual, adept at transforming herself into the missing puzzle of any situation and contribute as best as possible. Nivedita’s creative problem solving and innovative mind always helps declutter and bring freshness to the table. She supports elevating brands to achieve mindful and conscious sustainable growth and stand out in competitive markets. Striving to expand her understanding of the human mind and body through yoga, she continuously inspires others to live an active and healthy lifestyle. For her, success is creating a positive impact and value that resonates with others, contributing to her remarkable growth.


Company Name
Impact Study Biz
5 years

Global Head of Brand & Marketing
Field of Specialization



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