Priyanka Sharma
Winner of India 5000 Women Achiever Awards 2021

Priyanka Sharma
Winner of India 5000 Women Achiever Awards 2021

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Priyanka Sharma

Priyanka Sharma is the Founder and CEO of Priun Publication. PRIUN publication is a publishing house for young and aspiring writers. It is an outlet for young writers to boost their talent and connect with a multifarious and wide range of readers. She helps one to go through the process of publication with the most promising team of editors. Priyanka Sharma is a Young Author, amazing team leader. One of her noticeable qualities includes Innovation and planning, which runs down her veins and soul. She received Corporate Exposure in her early years of college when she was able to crack Placement Cell Interview; hence, the true meaning of corporate and an idea to come up with her own business lead to its foundation. Priun Publication is not only a publication house but an idea to give a platform to the authors who spent a lot of effort on their content but does not get much royalty out of their books. Priun Publication churns with a unique idea to set up the publication house with the help of people who were already in the field and have an idea to connect the authors to their readers through a special way. She was appraised for her unique support and groundbreaking performance during her career. Fest by S.K Placement Cell and later promoted As a Team Leader of Event Management. She is a true inspiration with many hardships and budget conditions she developed her business website, performed all editing of all books, cover designing till her project was live in the market, a true Multitasking ability is her.


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Priun Publication
2 years

Founder & CEO
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