Vandana Upadhyay
Winner of India 5000 Women Achiever Awards 2021

Vandana Upadhyay
Winner of India 5000 Women Achiever Awards 2021

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Vandana Upadhyay
Post - Graduation

A wealth advisory firm, V-Financial Services, has been rendering innovative and unequalled financial solutions to corporates as well as individuals. As a group of qualified financial professionals with an enriched experience of 18+ years in the BFSI sector, VFS has emerged as a female-led company with PAN India and cosmopolitan presence. Vandana Upadhyay is a Founder & CEO of V- Financial Services. She is eye to detailing person, with right advise and high on Relationship & Trust. She is result oriented and customer focused. Her customers are very satisfied with her services and approach. The customers themselves they keep referring new clients to her.

Customer’s financial goal expectation, identifying the risk tolerance, mapping the current investment as per goal plan and rebalancing the portfolio periodically and reviewing the same with customers are her core strength. She is very vocal about female empowerment hence she decided to go all out with female staff and give more and more opportunity to female. She believes in work life balance and hence she thrives a culture of fun where the team enhances its productivity by being in a pleasant environment where light instrumentals are played during working hours. she ensures more collaborative approach where each associated individual is treated as a part of Business Family rather than employees. Here, an open culture is nurtured where timely feedback is shared and employee engagement is promoted in every possible manner. “Their team always thrives on improving area of development to have seamless customer experience. The performance of the team is evaluated annually on 4 scale rating and they are rewarded with Long-Term Service Award along with Respect and Dignity,”


Company Name
V-Financial Services
18 years

Founder & CEO
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