EL Domo Pvt. Ltd.
Winner of India 500 Startup Awards 2022

EL Domo Pvt. Ltd.
Winner of India 500 Startup Awards 2022

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Registered Company Name
EL Domo Pvt. Ltd.
Registration Type
Private Limited Company

Business Category
Travel, Tourism & Hotels
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Rentals Service and Dome stays for Holiday Sustainable Ecosystem

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Bengaluru (Bangalore) Urban

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Bengaluru - 560086


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EL Domo Pvt. Ltd. provides Sustainable Eco Holiday Experiences Holiday Home Investments & High Rental Commercial Property ​.

EL Domo Private Limited was formed with the intention of re-establishing harmony from nature and to rejuvenate a balance with our environment.

They add value to living and build relationships. ​

Mission : Provide an Experiential learning with nature & Rejuvenate in a stress free living environment

Vision : To foster an understanding and appreciation of ecological balance in our times

Founder & Director Details

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Dr. Mohan Kamaraju
MBBS, DNB Anesthesiology, European Diploma in Intensive Care

Dr. Mohan is an Anesthetist and Intensive Care specialist who is also an entrepreneur. While he led his team of doctors and nurses through the COVID 19 crisis, he provided the highest level of medical insurance cover for his staff and ensured the best outcomes and the fewest deaths amongst the sickest COVID ICU patients.

Furthermore, he built a PPE manufacturing unit to ensure that staff members had access to PPE. The unit was also expanded to serve other medical personnel. Over 1.5 lakh units of high-quality PPE that were designed, self-tested, and comfortable to wear were also sold during the C19 crisis.

He has served on the hospital Infection Control Committee, Resuscitation Committee, and Mortality Committees, and this experience has helped him utilize human and infrastructure resources to serve the community.

Additionally, he is passionate about bringing awareness to ecological balances by sharing experiences with nature. In collaboration with his friend Mr. Yuvaraj, he experimented on a low-cost, sustainable housing solution. From brick making to rediscovering the design and building of Dome houses, they worked together to develop Dome Houses. https://www.eldomo.in/post/are-domes-structurally-stable-what-are-the-advantages-of-a-dome-over-conventional-construction

The birth of a new company with experts in Dome House construction, a sustainable ecology partner association, and tourism industry experts to promote across the spectrum is completed.

By combining an amazing holiday experience with an educational transformation as a goal, the tourist will return home with an appreciation of ecological balances and a new attitude toward sustainable living. 

Their firm belief is that the Prestigious award will help them to raise the visibility of Sustainable Ecosystems with a higher pitch at this stage.

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