Dff Technowear Pvt Ltd
Winner of India 500 Startup Awards 2020

Dff Technowear Pvt Ltd
Winner of India 500 Startup Awards 2020

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Dff Technowear Pvt Ltd
Registration Type
Private Limited Company

Business Category
Textiles, Yarn & Fabrics
Business Sub Category
Smart Textiles

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Vadodara - 390020


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Their company is on a mission to make a universal wearable taking it far beyond what has been done in the last 2000 years. A protective layer which will shield people from harmful digital elements.

Their mission at DFF is to challenge the frontiers
- Smart Clothing that can protect people from digital elements.
- Smart Clothing that serves as second skin to gather physiological data, process it and deliver actionable insights.

Whether the users are a fitness fanatic who wants to keep tabs on their heart rate variability, or an executive who needs alerts on posture correction, or an elderly person who needs unobtrusive, non-invasive monitoring or a meditation Guru to look at the brainwaves - they do all this and more from the very first and still the only universal wearable - Clothing.

Their vision is to become synonymous with e-textiles and intelligent garments to make the cornerstone for interconnecting electronic elements with fabric.

CEO Details

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Mohan Kumar R
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - Electrical & Electronics Engineering

25+ years' experience in Semiconductor and Biomedical instrumentation industries, including 5 years of research experience in Ultra Low Power IC design for Wearable Healthcare systems at Imperial College London

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