Realmeds Solutions Pvt Ltd
Winner of India 500 Startup Awards 2020

Realmeds Solutions Pvt Ltd
Winner of India 500 Startup Awards 2020

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Realmeds Solutions Pvt Ltd
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Private Limited Company

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Health Products, Drug and Medicine
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Software Development

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Hyderabad - 500026


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RealMeds Solutions and a leading provider of modern Track & Trace and Anti-Counterfeiting solutions for drugs. Based in Hyderabad, the company was founded by serial entrepreneur Ajit Kumar.

RealMeds was founded in April 2019 with the vision that no life should be wasted because of fake drugs. their mission is to provide an elaborate track & traceability and anti-counterfeit check for drugs so that patients/consumers can validate the drug at the time of purchase.

It’s flagship product - RealMeds™ - is a platform for tracking drugs and their validity. RealMeds™ is the first platform that has taken away the compliance headache of Indian drug manufacturers and provides end-to-end track & traceability with an elaborate protection of the consumer from bad medicines. The platform has gone into production within 2 years from the date it was conceived.

They have disrupted the industry by providing an elaborate anti-counterfeit solution at a cost that works for all size manufacturers and brand owners. The product is intended to make compliance easy as it has been a big deterrent to domestic drugs track & traceability.

CEO Details

Mr. Ajit Kumar

Ajit Kumar is a serial entrepreneur with more than two decades of expertise in applying technology to solve human problems. Ajit firmly believes that there is no problem that cannot be solved. This reflects in all his actions and his compassion towards understanding user problems with complete empathy to their constraints.

Having worked for fortune 500 companies like Honeywell, Hughes and Convergys, Ajit started his entrepreneurial journey in 2008. He built his first organisation from 0 to 140+ strong people team with focus on providing cutting edge service in the area of enterprise mobility. He was instrumental in increasing its presence in the US. Later, he moved out to focus on emerging technologies. Ajit’s expertise lies in building scalable business models based on niche and emerging technologies.

Ajit was moved by the news that 1 million+ people die every year because of fake medicines. He started his third venture - RealMeds Solutions - to focus on how to tackle the fake medicine problem. His work has already received accolades from Industry and Government. RealMeds™. Currently, he is busy working on creating success stories.

Ajit’s roles and responsibilities span across ideation, strategy, and execution. He is very well versed with all the day-to-day functions of an organisation. Additionally, he is apt at forging partnerships, funding, scaling and managing growth.

Ajit is an avid reader, Open Source evangelist and author. He has authored 5 books on Open Source technologies and considers it as his own way of thanking the awesome community.

Ajit is a well known name in the Blockchain fraternity in Hyderabad. He enjoys sharing his knowledge for the larger benefit of the society. He has talked about Blockchain, AI/ML and IoT and their industry use cases at various forums - Finastra, CII Defence Meetup, Indywood, Global Blockchain Association, Hyderabad Blockchain community gathering - to name a few. He also actively participates in reviewing the government's Blockchain related strategies and policy documents and offers his constructive feedback.

In his spare time, Ajit spends time with his family, mentors people on LinkedIn with their career questions and likes to spend time with fellow entrepreneurs to share and learn.

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