Softpearl Innovations India Pvt Ltd
Winner of India 500 Startup Awards 2020

Softpearl Innovations India Pvt Ltd
Winner of India 500 Startup Awards 2020

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Softpearl Innovations India Pvt Ltd
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Private Limited Company

Business Category
IT & Telecom Services
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Providers of Enterprise Solutions to the Cable & Telecom Industries

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Hyderabad - 500039


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Softpearl Innovations India Pvt Ltd was established in 2018 and grew as one of the foremost providers of enterprise solutions to the cable & telecom industries. Softpearl specializes in network design, geospatial data services.
Softpearl provides the full suite of site desktop analysis, planning, design and as-built, which will make SOFTPEARL a one stop shop for any Telecommunications and Utility desktop services.
SOFTPEARL consists a team of highly skilled telecommunication Planners, Designers and Drafters who can produce designs relevant to any organizational or carrier standard, ranging from feasibility concept to full ‘For Construction’ documentation. With explosive growth in wired/wireless subscriptions worldwide, the industry has struggled to keep up with demand. Telecommunications has been zooming up the growth curve at a feverish pace.
The key sectors responsible for world’s resurgent economic growth. As a result of these advantages, fibre optic communication systems are widely employed for applications ranging from major telecommunications backbone infrastructure to ethernet systems, broadband distribution and general data networking. Presently they are attending Telecom Maps Designing Projects from their Client Softpearl Technologies, Sydney, Australia and some more projects are in enquiry by clients

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Sam Lazarus Pitta


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